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6 Ways to Survive and Ace CSCI 203 at Bucknell

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Katelyn Heuer
Computer science is becoming an increasingly important field and even if it's not your major, taking an introductory computer science class is probably a good idea. At Bucknell, CSCI 203 is the first level of computer science that covers the basics of Python. Here are some ways to not only survive but also do well in the class.

Attend office hours and/or TA help

Going to both of these is extremely helpful in multiple ways. For one, your teacher and TAs will get to know you more personally. More importantly, they can help you with your homework and labs by looking at your code and helping you when you're stuck. It makes the whole process of writing code easier


Study for the tests

There are only two tests (worth 15% each) in addition to the final exam (worth 20%). Although you might think that they're not worth much, doing well on them is important. Doing well on the tests and studying for them is a good way of reviewing what you know and making sure that you know it well enough to write code for it.

Find a good partner

Finding a good partner is key to doing well in CSCI 203. There has to be a good balance between the two of you, you should be doing equal amounts of work instead of one person doing all of the coding and the other doing nothing. Being able to do the homework problems will prepare you for the tests, which is why finding a good partner is important.

Do the extra credit

It might seem tedious, but doing the extra credit is always a good idea, especially at the beginning of the term. You might think that your grade is good enough without the extra credit, but towards the end of the semester when the class gets harder, you're going to wish that you had done it. Plus, it's good practice!

Put effort into the warm-ups

Sometimes you might think that the warm-ups are a waste of time, but they're not! Not only do they help boost your grade, they give you a chance to learn the class material before they're taught, that way you know what your professor is talking about in class during your next lecture.

Go to every class

Although it's tempting to sleep in or skip class, attending every class is worth it. Skipping a class might result in you missing out on some material not covered on your professor's slides, plus you miss out on their personal insight!   With these tips, you can have a successful semester of CSCI 203 at Bucknell! Hopefully, you find computer science interesting and choose to take another semester!


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