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Top 6 Residence Halls at Bucknell University

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Annika Gude
Freshman year everyone is excited to simply be on campus, so there isn't much fuss over where people end up living. However, sophomore, junior, and senior year is when the madness begins. For Bucknell students, the small campus offers over ten buildings to live in, including on campus and off campus locations. However, the fight to get the best lottery pick will really determine if you get to live in a prime location, or have to walk almost 20 minutes everyday to classes.

1.Swartz Hall and Vedder Hall 

Swartz and Vedder are both freshman year housing buildings. Swartz is located uphill, closer to classes and the library, while Vedder is downhill near downtown Lewisburg, frat parties, and the ELC (cafeteria for freshman). As freshman you are randomly placed into either Swartz, Vedder or one of the res college buildings. But once you are either downhill or uphill you never want the to switch. Swartz residents love being about to role out of bed leave five minutes before classes start, while Vedder residents have a deathly walk up a steep hill allotting at least 10 minutes to walk to class. But Vedder students argue that having downtown Lewisburg in their back yard allows them easy access to restaurants and just a quick walk to the frat houses Friday and Saturday nights. Vedder and Swartz both have halls with about 25 students each, both boys and girls. With 2 am fire alarms almost every Wednesday night, and 18-year-old boys running around halls like they live in a frat house, freshman year is quite fun for students, but a nightmare for an RA.  

2. McDonnell and Smith Hall

McDonnell and Smith are the two Residential College housing buildings. As freshman you get to select four classes to take, one of which is a foundations class of writing, reading, and learning about college standards. If you happen to select a foundations class, you will automatically be placed into a res college building. With McDonnell uphill and Smith downhill, the better option is a very polarized view. Having much nicer, cleaner, and quieter dorms that Vedder and Swartz, students in res colleges prefer their living situation. dorm room decor  

3. Kress and Trax Hall

As sophomore year approaches, students are given a lottery number which indicates which day and time you get to pick which dorm you want to live in. If you have the best lottery number, you get to block up to four beds for you and your friends. Kress and Trax are the ideal dorms for sophomores to live in, along with Roberts. After having a year of fire alarms, 4 am party music next door, and long walks across campus to find food, students prefer to live in Kress and Trax, both dorms with only singles. These halls are also considered prime location out of all the other buildings on campus because they are close to downtown Lewisburg, classes, food, and the library. Although a bit far from the gym, students don't mind if the walk there since it is half of their workout. giphy-1

4. Roberts 

Another prime location is Roberts Hall. Located right next to Kress and Trax, it offers some of the same benefits. But out of the four days to pick housing, Roberts will fill up by 12 pm on the first day of picking. This is because while Kress and Trax are singles dorms, Roberts is suit-style living. Suit-style allows up to four students to have their own room, along with a kitchen, their own bathroom, and a common space. So if you want to live in Roberts you better hope one of your friends gets a good lottery number or you'll probably end up with poor AC, loud frat boys, and long hikes across campus to get to classes.   39e9dc84f31c59ab59cf92337f5cc21b473d7f73befe1bceaa186b67fdebaea6  

5. Senior Apartments

The senior apartments are the newest dorms on campus. With mostly suit-style living, most seniors prefer to live here. Also, being located right next to the Commons (uphill dining hall) is an added perk. Having their own quad, dining hall, and living space, the seniors are pretty isolated at the back of campus, something they don't mind. commonscafe_2  

6. Mods

"Why would anyone ever want to live in a mod?!" is a common question you will hear around campus as students decide where they want to live. From the outside, a mod looks like a trailer, but the inside is surprisingly very nice. With four rooms on one side, and four on the other, many people decide to live in a mod if they have a large friend group. However, the mods are pretty far from everything on campus, so no wonder most people don't want to live there. But if you are an athlete, the mods are close to the athletic fields. Also with pretty much full independence, the mods are a good place to party all night and have some fun with friends. 636087968692078673-1499276852_room.gif   Even though receiving your lottery number, deciding who you want to live with, and finally picking your next years dorm is one of the most stressful things about college, it all works out in the end. Every dorm has something good about it, whether it is close to downtown or classes, there are always pros and cons. So get your friends together and get excited for next year, because no matter where you live, Bucknell's versatile campus has a lot to offer.    


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