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10 of the Hardest Classes at Bucknell University

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Katelyn Heuer
College is supposed to be hard no matter what school you go to. However, it's no secret that some classes are more difficult than others. With this guide, you know what classes to avoid or which ones will give you some extra trouble at Bucknell University.

1) MATH 202 (Calculus II)

Math (and calculus in general) can be difficult and confusing but it is synonymous amongst most Bucknell students that Calculus II is the most difficult. Some topics covered in this course include integration by parts, improper integrals, the Taylor series, complex numbers, parametric equations, and differential equations. Students who are not required to take this class generally tend to stay away from it, and for good reason.

2) BIOL 205 (Intro to Molecules and Cells)

This lab science is intended for biology majors. It teaches students about the molecular biology of cells while focusing on biochemical processes and cell structure and function. Students who take this course generally dislike it and struggle but once you pass this class, you're all set to take the other biology courses offered at Bucknell.

3) PHYS 211 (Classical and Modern Physics I)

This class is the first of a two-part class. Combined, the classes cover the most major parts of physics. Aspects of physics covered in the first half of the set are Newtonian mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics, gravity, and statistical mechanics. The one bright side of taking this course is that there are only two lecture hours a week.

4) CHEM 105 (Introduction to Chemistry)

Like most sciences, chemistry is a tough craft to master and at Bucknell, chemistry is a tough class to take. The class covers all topics of chemistry in-depth. It is generally not recommended for those who are not required to take it.

5) FOUN 98 (Zombies)

Don't be fooled by the name! While the class is definitely interesting, it's not quite what it seems. There's a lot of work and reading required in the class, focusing on human rights and racism in early Haiti. The professor is a tough grader, takes points off for using the bathroom in class, and assigns 40-50 page readings every class and expects them to be done by the next one. If zombies are something you're really interested in, go for it, otherwise, be wary.

6) BMEG 250 (Fundamentals of Biomechanics)

You know this class is going to be hard when it requires you to pass both physics and math in order to take it. Students in the class will apply mechanical analyses to solve problems involving equilibrium of rigid bodies, internal loads, combined loading, and failure theory among others. This is definitely a difficult course so avoid it if you can do so!

7) HIST 100 02 (Pre-Modern Europe: Human Rights)

Although this is only a 100-level class, it is quite challenging. There are only 2-3 quizzes the entire semester along with a research paper, a midterm, and a final so each graded thing counts for a lot. In addition, there is a lot of textbook and primary source reading. Students are also required to research a topi

8) CSCI 341 (Theory of Computation)

This class focuses on the theory of computer science and how efficiently computation problems can be solved by using an algorithm. Topics covered in this class include finite automata, regular sets, turing machines, recursive functions, and undecidability. This is undoubtedly a difficult course.

9) MATH 245 (Linear Algebra)

This class requires you to take MATH 202, another one of Bucknell's most difficult classes. Students will learn how to use linear equations, matrices, linear transformations, and singular value decomposition among other topics to solve problems. This is a class typically avoided by students who are not math majors.

10) NEUR 250 (Biopsychology)

Biopsychology is a type of behavioral neuroscience and this course focuses on the biological bases of behavior and their relation to motivation, learning, and perception.  This course, while challenging, is an interesting way to learn neuroscience.Knowing what classes are difficult will help you decide whether they are useful for you to take or not. Using this list of the 10 hardest classes at Bucknell will be a helpful guide for choosing courses while keeping in mind your GPA.


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