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Top 5 Gen Eds to Take at Buffalo State

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Amber Goodman
Buffalo State College is a great school that helps students discover their passions and future career goals. Many students who attend Buffalo are undeclared majors, trying to figure out what they are most interested in. Although the rest of the population of students have their majors set in stone, Buffalo State has specific requirements for all students to complete before graduating. No matter if you have chosen a major or not, you are still required to take foundation courses, which the students refer to as "Gen Eds". The foundation courses include topics in English, Math, Social and Natural Sciences as well as History and Civilization courses. When fulfilling these required subjects, students are allowed to freely choose a course that will fit the guidelines. Many students may think Gen Eds are pointless, but in truth they could be useful. They can introduce new topics and ideas to students in fields they'd never even imagine studying. As a result, they could change their major, add a minor or end up declaring a major in that subject. Buffalo State has a lot of interesting Gen Ed courses one might not even think about taking. Here are a few that can give students different perspectives and open new doors of interest.

1. Dance Appreciation (DAN 224)

Image result for dancing artsy This course is a little out of the ordinary from just "your average" classroom experience. Students are expected to attend a studio class once a week, as well as participating in regular classroom time. Throughout the semester you will learn not only how to identify dance, but also to appreciate it as well as other forms of art. Dance appreciation is a fun break from sitting at a desk two or three times a week, while teaching students about creativity and art.

2. Geologic Hazards (GES 224)

Image result for geologic hazards This course is very straightforward. You are expected to complete online quizzes and textbook work about hazardous geology. A few examples of the topics include volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis and their impacts on the environment they affect. This is an interesting course for students to take because they can learn about events that are occurring in every day life. It is very easygoing and uses a lot of common sense and general basic geology ideas and theories.

3. Intro to Women and Gender Studies (WGS 101)

Image result for painting of women

This course is very relevant to society's current views on feminism. It is a very empowering class to take, as the student will learn about the development of equality over periods of time. The classes regularly consist of discussion on papers and media about feminism, and really puts the students in a different perspective.

4. Intro to Hospitality and Tourism (HTR 110)

Image result for table setting restaurant

Hospitality and Tourism is a great way to learn more about the restaurant and hotel industry. It gives an inside look and understanding to how the behind-the-scenes works. There are also courses that can be taken following this introduction class, including cooking hands on in the kitchen as well as wine tasting.

5. Intro to Government and Politics (PSC 101)

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This class is an introduction and gives insight into the political systems mainly in the United States. It can teach a lot of basic information on politics and really give insight on how the system works. These are only five suggestions for courses to take at Buffalo State, but there are so many options! Even if you don't think you'll be interested in class, it never hurts to try especially if it fulfills a requirement. Sometimes students find themselves with a passion for a subject they never would have expected until they took an introduction course on it. And some students may realize they never want to study it again! Either way, it's always fun to explore your options with a wide variety of Gen Eds, and while you're in college new experiences will open doors.


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