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10 of the Easiest Classes at Buffalo State

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Amber Goodman
Buffalo State College offers a variety of classes for students to take. Some courses are a little easy and some are pretty difficult, all dependent on different factors. For example, one class may be easy because the professor is more lenient and doesn't require attendance and only submission of homework online every few days, while another class might be more difficult because of required attendance and homework everyday. Other factors of the class difficulty could also be based on how much work is required, and how easy the material is to learn. The classes written about in this article are some of the easiest classes to take based on various characteristics that different types of students might find easier in some than others. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Buffalo State College.

1. DAN 224 - Dance Appreciation

This class is fairly easy at Buffalo State College. It is a unique course that requires attendance every Monday,  Wednesday and Friday. Although attendance is mandatory, the material taught in class is very easy to learn and remember for exams. Students will learn the concepts of dance and art, concepts that are fairly easy to understand and memorize. In addition to the light course load, every Friday students are required to go to the dance studio as a class and physically put what they are taught to the test. The Friday classes usually consist of warm ups and learning how to dance small, basic movements.Image result for dance class

2. HTR 110 - Intro to Hospitality and Tourism

One of the most difficult parts of this class is that it usually takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 AM. The professor has a strict "no late attendance" policy where he won't take attendance for students who come in after the beginning of the class, but attendance is not entirely mandatory. It will count as a small portion of your grade, but it won't affect it too much if students are late a few times. The class itself is very straightforward; the professor gives 50 minute lectures about the aspects of hospitality and tourism and gives exams based on these lectures. The concepts are very easy to understand and learn for the exams. The professor also gives a few fairly easy extra credit assignments that will help students boost their grades. One of them requires the students to visit a restaurant during restaurant week, order off the menu and write a review which is very unique and enjoyable for a few extra points.Image result for cooking class

3. ANT 101 - Anthropology

This class is easy to take because the material is very easy to understand, as long as the student studies it. The professor requires attendance for this class, which is necessary because not many of the notes are posted online. The exams are based on the lecture the professor gives, which is very straightforward with definitions and explanations of concepts. This class is very interesting itself and many students find themselves captivated by the stories the professor tells to explain certain topics.Image result for anthropology class

4. GEG 224 - Geologic Hazards

This class is usually online, which makes it very easy for students to participate and submit all the work necessary. The professor requires students to complete about 15 quizzes based on an online textbook by the end of the semester. All of them are collectively due on the last day, so students can take their time and don't have to rush to finish them on specific due dates. The concepts of this course are based on introductory geology, and are very easy to understand. You are also allowed to use the textbook when you take the quizzes which helps a lot.Image result for geology class

5. GES 331 - Solar Systems Astronomy

Even though this class is a 300 level course, it is really easy and fun for students to take. The professor teaching this course does not require attendance and only has one or two exams throughout the semester. Astronomy is a very interesting subject for many students, and this course provides a perfect introduction to the world of astronomy, starting with basic concepts and ending with more complex systems that are still easy to understand. The professor that teaches this course is also a favorite among many and highly recommended to take any course with.Image result for astronomy class

6. GEG 120 - Cavern Studies

This is a very unique and easy class offered for students at Buffalo State College. This course is only offered in the Fall and only gives students one credit. What is unique about this class is that instead of taking it for a whole semester, it only lasts for 4 days. On a weekend in the Fall, the professor takes a limited amount of students down to Pennsylvania and West Virginia to teach them about caves. The class consists of going to a different cave each day and writing notes about them, while also mapping one. At the end of the course the students are required to take a test based on their notes and mini textbook they are given. This class is very easy because all of the information is fairly easy to understand, and it's fun to go on field trips and camp as well!Image result for cavern studies

7. MAT 103 - Math 103

Even though math is difficult subject for many, those who find it hard to follow all of the concepts can agree that this math course offered is one of the easiest. Math 103 is based on understanding probability and very simplified problems, which many students find helpful for understanding more difficult equations. This class is also unique and easy because it follows the "flipped classroom" direction, where students are required to watch a short video on the lesson on their own time, and then in class work on their homework and take short quizzes based on the lessons.Studying Math Buffalo State

8. GEG 101 - Geography 101

This class is offered online every semester, including January and Summer terms. This course is very easy because it is all based on memorizing locations on a map. There are quizzes given throughout the semester where students are required to understand and memorize different features on different maps. There are also a few tests based on the textbook. Many students find this class easy because they have the textbook right in front of them, and they are able to understand the concepts taught throughout each chapter. It is easy to refer back to the textbook as long as they have studied it thoroughly before taking each test.Image result for geography class

9. PSC 101 - Political Science

This class is very easy to take because it goes over a lot of beginner concepts of political science that are easy for many students to understand. The professor of this course also allows students  to take a certain amount of tests and write one essay throughout the course. The students are allowed to replace one test with the essay, or just keep all of the tests and not write any essay. They find this helpful in case they aren't too confident in a certain topic and would much rather write the essay based on it rather than taking the test.Image result for political science class

10. GES 223 - Environmental Earth Science

This class at Buffalo State is very easy because of the material and professors relaxed attitude. Attendance is not mandatory, but it is beneficial for a small percentage of the students' grades. Even though this class is a 200 leveled course, everything taught is pretty basic and easy to understand. The professor enjoys when students ask questions so discussions can take place instead of just straightforward lecturing, and all of the tests are also given online for students to take on their own time.Buffalo State CampusThese are just a few of the easiest classes to take at Buffalo State College. Although some require attendance and others might be early in the morning, they are worth it to take into consideration of registering for because of how easy and interesting they are. Not only will students learn a lot about each subject, they will also receive good grades based on the effort they put into these easy classes.

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We have also created an infographic for you to better understand the Buffalo State Grading system. Here is a breakdown on what each letter grade means in terms of their GPA points.Buffalo State GPA Grading System


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