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The Truth Behind Hinkle Magic at Butler University

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Laura Burr
28 Feb 2018
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What exactly is 'Hinkle Magic'? While this term means something different for everyone, they can all agree on one thing - it's real. Hinkle Fieldhouse is the historic basketball arena found on Butler University's campus, and is known for being the home of many upsets and the site for the film Hoosiers. But what is it that makes it so special? This is just the beginning of a very long list...

1. The Energy                                                                                                                                    

There are no words to explain the feeling inside of Hinkle when the basketball team is on a run. Whether it's for an exhibition match or a rivalry game, the entire arena is buzzing with Bulldog pride. The players are usually given standing ovations as they take the ball across half - court, just to keep their momentum going. And on three point shots, it is almost guaranteed that everyone will jump out of their seat in celebration. Each person there is a proud fan and can't wait to show it off, especially by decorating themselves in Butler gear.

2. The Upsets

Butler University's biggest rivals are Xavier and Villanova. Villanova was undefeated leading up to their first match - up this year on December 30, where they met on Butler's turf. No one was expecting the Bulldogs to outperform the Wildcats, especially with such a young team and the addition of the new coach. But never doubt the power of the home court advantage. Butler wiped the floor with Nova in a 101 to 93 victory, which ended with a storming of the court in celebration. With both a sold out crowd and student section, what were they expecting after an ending like that?

3. The Student Section

Speaking of storming the court... Butler's student section, the Dawg Pound, is one of the most dedicated out there. The stands start to fill up hours before tip - off, making it impossible to show up just in time and find a seat. Even on weekdays, it easily sells out, forcing students to take up spots in the upper level. All of the students are also completely synchronized in cheers, chants, boos - whatever it may be. The chorus of "woofs" for every free throw and the "Xavier sucks" chant at the beginning of every game (no matter who we play) is just a small part of the unity which makes the student section so special.

4. The History

Butler prides itself on having one of the oldest basketball arenas still in use, and will remind everyone at the games with a historic highlight reel before tip-off. It is the site of many high school basketball championships, and the set of Hoosiers, a classic film. Its smaller size adds to the environment, seating only 9,100 people, and the National Historical Landmark designation adds culture to the campus. Whether you're up in the bleachers or court side, there is something special about this building. Butler loves to boast its big role in the history of basketball with the preservation of such a special fieldhouse.


Trip (Butler Blue III) the mascot is the personality of Butler's campus. Students and fans alike follow him on all forms of social media, and enjoy watching his adventures through campus. But the thing that everyone looks forward to is his appearance in the pre - game rituals. The lineup for the teams are announced as he proudly stands on the court, taking in the scenery. As everyone's cameras zoom in on the adorable, panting bulldog, he slides across the floor to the giant bone awaiting him beneath the hoop. Often sporting a Butler t - shirt and getting some love from the players, Trip seems to enjoy game days just as much as we do.
Butler Bulldogs GIF by BIG EAST Conference
  Game days are exciting no matter what school you go to, but you are guaranteed to have a unique experience when visiting Hinkle. Most people can't put their finger on it, but the environment, energy, and love for the game is something that is rarely replicated. Hinkle Magic will continue to work miracles for years to come, and will be the site of memories that last a lifetime.


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