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Top 10 Library Resources at Cal Poly Pomona

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Killa Kurls
The library offers students the chance to have access to thousands and hundreds of databases and materials to use. Students will also find a number of available resources that they can also utilize to help them with their overall experience. Below we have listed some of the top resources you can find at Cal Poly Pomona!

1. Ask a Librarian 

An image of ask a librarian. Don't have time to go the staff directly? The Ask a Librarian Feature allows students to ask a librarian a question via a live chat. Ask away today!

2. Printing, Copying, Scanning

If you don't have access to printers or scanners/copiers, you can use the machines available for use at the library. You can print in color or in black and white!

3. 24 Hour Lab

A look inside a computer lab. Students will have access to a 24-hour computer lab in the library. This is located by the main entrance on the first floor. Computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4. Headphone Checkout

An image of a headphone. Did your headphones somehow get tangled up in your pocket again? Did you just forget yours at home? No worries! The library offers students the chance to check out headphones for up to three hours at a time.

5. Tech Help Desk

Do you need help with your computer? The Tech Help Desk offers students the chance to get support and service for their own electronics or for electronics located in the library.

6. Reference Desk

An image of a reference desk. The librarians are here to help you. Stop by the Reference Desk to get some of your questions answered by the staff and faculty in the library.

7. Wi-Fi

An image of a wifi signal. Every student will need library. There's no doubt about this one! The library offers guest open and secured access internet for students. Free Wi-Fi is always a go-to and a must!

8. Study Rooms

An image of a study room. Do you need a study room or two for your group? The library offers students the chance to reserve or walk right into study rooms. These are located around the library on a variety of floors.

9. Online Database

An image of an online database. Do you need access to e-books or online resources you may not find anywhere in-person? The library offers students the chance to checkout from its online database and search through a variety of resources.

10. Electronic Checkout

An image of the checkout. Do you need a laptop or another digital device for a class? The library allows students to checkout electronics on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don't miss out on this one!

Top 5 Libraries at Cal Poly Pomona

1. W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library

Books on a shelf. This library is home to many collections and thousands of databases at the disposal of students. Here, students can find books that relate to all disciplines and all areas of study.

2. Pomona Public Library

A table in the library. This library is open to everyone. Here, people can find many collections that relate to all disciplines. Students will also have access to computer labs and study rooms here.

3. Harriet K. & Philip Pumerantz Library

A look down an aisle of books. Do you need a place to do your work? This library holds many collections and books for the public to use. Whether you are looking for a study space or to just read, this library will have everything you need!

4. Health Sciences Library

A sign that says science library. Will you be going into the health science field one day? This library holds many collections that relate to the field of medicine. This library also has many important documents, guidebooks, and history books as well.

5. Environmental Design Library

An environmental design. This library has everything you need that is related to environmental design. Here, students will have access to history books and guidebooks that talk all about the environment and its design!


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