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Health and Wellness Resources at Cal Poly Pomona

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Bay Bledel

California State Polytechnic University is a public, polytechnic university located in Pomona, California. The university offers an array of health and wellness services to its student population of over 22,000 undergraduates. These resources include those related to physical, mental, and sexual health. Here are five health and wellness resources that all current and prospective students at Cal Poly Pomona should be aware of.

1. Student Health Services

Students can come here with a variety of medical concerns and find resources that include urgent medical assistance, advice on when to see a doctor and other medical FAQs, and immunizations and vaccinations. The center is an ambulatory care facility, meaning that patients must be able to walk in on their own. It offers visits with medical providers by appointment or through Acute Care for non-life threatening sudden accidents or injuries. Student Health Services offers after-hours nursing advice, unlimited appointments, on-site laboratory tests, digital x-rays, travel consultations, well-patient physicals, minor surgical procedures, women's health exams, lactation station, wraps, braces, slings, crutches, treatment for colds, flu, stomach ache, back ache, sore throat, upper respiratory infections, sprains, minor cuts, or broken bones; HIV and STD testing, generic Tylenol, Tuberculosis screening, Tdap immunization, and flu shots for high-risk students at no additional cost. At-cost services include prescription medication and common drug store items available from the pharmacy, biopsied tissue, laboratory tests that need to be sent to an outside reference lab (including PAP tests), and all other immunizations except Tdap.

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2. Counseling Services

Students at Cal Poly Pomona who feel that they would benefit from speaking to a counselor can take advantage of Counseling Services. Counseling services are provided for short-term individual, couples, and group therapy. Confidential sessions are covered by students' pre-paid Student Health Fee and provided by licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals. Students can seek counseling for a variety of different personal reasons.

3. Wellness Center Services

The Wellness Center at Cal Poly Pomona offers may walk-in services with no appointment necessary, including blood pressure checks, condoms, HIV testing, free giveaways of health-related items, and stress management and relaxation stations. The Wellness Center holds many health-related events throughout the year, including American Red Cross monthly blood drives on campus and an online birth control course.

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4. Stress Management Program

College is a stressful time for countless Cal Poly Pomona students. To counteract this, the university's Wellness Center offers students access to EM-Wave, a computer program that shows users how their thoughts and emotions affect their heart rate and nervous system. The program teaches users how to shift their emotional state to see changes in their heart rhythms and unify their mind and body.  The program is free and easy to access.

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5. HealthFEST

This is an annual wellness fair hosted by the Cal Poly Pomona Wellness Center and open to on-campus departments and student clubs with an interest in promoting healthy behaviors among the student body. Attendees are provided with educational opportunity to learn about their health in a fun and interactive way. The event takes place at University Park.

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