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10 of the Hardest Courses of Cal Poly Pomona

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Lauraanna Quinting

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona is a public polytechnic university in Pomona, California. Polytechnic means that it is a school that has a variety of technical or vocational subjects. The school is harder to get accepted into as it has a rate of less than 40%. Here are 10 of the hardest courses at Cal Poly Pomona.

1. FRL 386 - Real Property Management

hands holding a house and a stack of cash

This course goes over the steps needed to fully dive into property management. As a property manager the hardest part of this course is being able to sell the product, in a way that is not only informative but to the customer the best investment. You will learn not only communication skills but also research with customers and your competition.

2. FRL 431 - Derivatives Market

pie chart of different variables such as hedge funds

If you want to be the best in the business market this course, while seen as difficult is much needed. Derivatives markets are assessing contracts or other options for the financial state of things based on your current assets. The hardest part of the course is being able to properly analyize the current data to make smart financial moves.

3. FST 322 - Food Laws and Regulations

fruits with an approved stamp on it

In order to go into the world of food one must take this course on food laws. What makes the course hard is learning the specifics of each law, such as dates, loopholes and what can happen if proper procedures are not enacted (usually means recalls or shutdowns).

4. FST 429 - Food Product Development

a lightbulb with fruits in it

The course of food product development is seen as difficult because it touches base with a mixture of understanding the sense of taste, as well as food science. Many additives such as flavorings, colorants, and smells are components to know when creating new products. The course also gives a round basis of how food packaging and selling works.

5. MAT 215 - Calculus of Several Variables

calculus example waves with fd and dx a variables

Calculus is a math course that to many is seen as the higher level of math. Depending on your field of study you might not even need calc. The hardest to grasp when it comes to calculus in several variables is being able to apply calc in more than one variable, which means understanding the correlation and usage of vectors, curves, and gradients.

6. IBM 326 - Interactive Marketing

different forms of media to interact with such as phone and mail

Interactive marketing is a course that is seen as difficult because it goes over the different strategies of marketing and how to attain engagement. Engagement being that the possible consumer is interacting with the ad. What can be the hardest about the course is in real life situations, accessing the best tactic for increased engagement is very trial and error.

7. LA 252 - Computer Application in Landscape Graphics

computer generated buildings and landscape

This course goes over creating landscape graphics in a computer. It is the ideal course if you are looking to create different layouts and designs for future building plans. Creating your ideas on paper is easier than having it translated onto the web. This class can be difficult to navigate online tools at first but is managable.

8. HST 371 - History of Southern California

the northern boundary of sourthern california

This history course is seen as difficult as it looks at the history of one specific geological area, it is text heavy as well as memorization heavy such as dates, people, and trends. The history dates back all the way in times of the Native Americans to the late 19th century where migration was popular.

9. AMM 410 - Apparel Production Design

 a woman creating a garmet

Apparel Production Design is a difficult course for many because in the world of merchandising and design having your design go from paper to real life is more than just a meer drawing. It is finding the correct model, measurements, pricing , materials, and cuts that best portray the fit of the garment.

10. AMM 392 - Apparel Operations Management

a manager showing a person their apparel vision

This course is seen as difficult because in a short amount of time you have to learn the ropes of management duties. This means learning how to be a leader for those also working in retail and apparel as well as knowing sales operations and in/outs.

Cal Poly Pomona offers students not only rigorous standards to live up to (with only 40% of applicants getting in) but a hands-on approach to learning. The school offers a variety of different courses that will prepare you for the job of your dreams.


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