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Top 10 Clubs at Cal Poly Pomona

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Amanda Burnes
Joining clubs on campus is a great way to make new friends and get yourself involved. It's also an amazing way to get yourself more immersed in your personal interests! Here's the top 10 clubs at Cal Poly Pomona.

1. Ability Ally

Ability Allies Ability Ally is a club that aims to support and advocate for those with disabilities. They focus on people's similarities rather than their differences, and promote positive attitudes towards disabilities.

2. Big Learning

Learning Image Big Learning is a club for students who want to be teachers or want to work with children in their future. They focus on and study how children learn and how educators can do their job the best.

3. Biomimicry Society

Biomimicry Society Logo They aim to teach students about biomimicry by helping build problem solving skills with natural solutions. They want students in this club to expand their view of the natural world.

4. Cal Poly Aquaponics

Aquaponics Logo This club is focused on designing, building and learning about aquaponics systems as a sustainable way to produce food systematically. The food they grow is for both commercial and residential use.

5. Cosmetic Connection

Cosmetic Connection Logo Cosmetic Connection is a club for students interested in cosmetics industry careers like research, cosmetics manufacturing, cosmetic chemistry, etc. This club has opportunities for students to gain experience in the industry.

6. CPP Labdoo

CPP Labdoo Logo CPP Labdoo defines itself as an international humanitarian social network. This club is made up of students who want to make education easier and more accessible in underdeveloped countries by collecting unused electronics and distributing them globally.

7. CPP RadioActive

RadioActive Logo RadioActive is an entertainment club on campus that provides joy by broadcasting music on their radio station. They broadcast a wide variety of great music for students to enjoy!

8. Dumbledore's Army

Dumbledore's Army Logo Dumbledore's Army is a great fan club on campus made up of students who love Harry Potter! They come together to make friends and help the 'muggle world' through their community service.

9. Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders This club collaborates with local partners to design and create sustainable engineering projects. They also work to support worldwide development programs.

10. Fermentation Club

Fermentation Club This club teaches about the fermentation process that occurs in foods and drinks such as yogurt, cheese, beer, wine, etc. They aim to investigate this process via chemistry lectures and experiments.

5 Cool Events at Cal Poly Pomona

1. Donut Worry Monday

Donut Donut Worry Monday is a great free event for students to come relax and enjoy free food; specifically donuts! Students can join the fun and meet new people while eating delicious food!

2. Mario Kart Tournament

Mario Kart During Welcome Week for students, the University is holding a Mario Kart tournament! Enjoy great games with friends and peers while also having the chance to win prizes!

3. Clothes Closet

Clothes Closet The Clothes Closet provides students with professional clothing attire needed for an interview, a career fair, a conference, or for the first week of work. It is all donated from those in the CPP community!

4. Day at the Fair

Come to the September Fair at CPP to enjoy free food and games and support the Broncos! Watch the parade and cheer the CPP community on!

5. Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkins The Pumpkin Festival is a massively popular festival at CPP. Thousands come to pick pumpkins and go in the corn maze, while also enjoying great food, games and music.


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