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Cal Poly is a great university with a diverse range of classes and professors to take. However, every once in a while we could all use a break from tough classes and endless work. Thankfully, Cal Poly has a lot of fun and easy courses to offer whenever you might need time to unwind and enjoy class for a change. Here are 11 of the Easiest Classes at Cal Poly SLO.

1. Art 111 – Introduction to Art

Even if you aren’t the creative type or an art major this class fulfills a GE requirement and teaches you basic crafts, print making, drawing, sculpture and painting skills. Class will never be boring since most of the curriculum consists of hands-on fun and very rarely a few but interesting lectures. This fun course is typically offered in fall, winter and spring so be sure to register while you still can!

2. Art 122- Basic Digital Photography

While photography may seem like a complicated subject, this is actually a great bird course. This is the best course to simply learn to take better photos, learn basic editing skills and learn helpful lighting tips for taking photos. While this fun course satisfies the C3 GE area it also teaches you very valuable skills that will help you throughout your life as you take photos of important life events and family. You’ll also learn more unique skills like how to stitch together panoramic photos, edit objects out of photos using Photoshop and fix blurry spots in photos.

3. Bus 205- Personal Finance

This is definitely one of the easier courses at Cal Poly being that it’s offered online and only during the summer. While it may not seem like fun to do any school work over the summer this course offers valuable real world skills such as budgeting and saving, tax planning, insurance planning, investment planning and retirement planning. So, think of taking this course over the summer as an investment in your future and that one day your personal financial planning is going to be a breeze.

4. Kine 109 – Bowling

One of the many perks of Cal Poly having a bowling alley on campus is being able to take easy and fun courses like bowling and still get credit for it. However, Cal Poly does limit the amount of units you can take of KINE courses so be sure to get this fun course in while you can. The hardest thing you’ll be doing in this easy course is throwing a bowling ball down a lane, which definitely sounds like a fun course to me.


5. AEPS 215 – Floral Design I

Floral design is probably one of the last things you’d expect to learn in college if you aren’t an event planning major, however luckily every student at Cal Poly has the opportunity to learn more about floral design and the industry behind it. This is a fun course that also makes you more aware of the sales tactics, techniques and skills utilized in the floral industry to draw in consumers. Another cool thing about this course is you get to take home the beautiful floral designs you make in class.

6. FSN 121 – Fundamentals of Food

Any class with the word food in its curriculum should definitely be a fun course. You’ll learn about food preparation and even get to better your cooking skills in this class. In class labs consist of cooking and eating, a recipe for a good time!

7. KINE 121 – Golf

There may be no better way to relax than to play some golf. Now imagine doing so while also receiving credit, sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? Take this bird course and enjoy some relaxation from the usual homework and tests and hit some golf balls instead. However, this course is only offered in the Fall and Spring so be sure to enroll and secure your spot in a fun and easy course!

8. COMS 419 – Media Effects

The media plays a large part in the way in which we live our daily lives; this class explores the effects media has on the individual. This is the best course to learn about how technology, advertising and mediated message producers affect you as an individual as well as society as a whole. However, in order to take this fun course you must be of junior standing and have completed GE area A so be sure to plan ahead and save a spot in your schedule for this easy course.

9. WVIT 102 – Global Wine and Viticulture

One of the many unique things to Cal Poly SLO is the vast array of wineries in the area. This also means there are many opportunities at Cal Poly to learn about the wine industry and production. This might be one of the most unique and fun courses at Cal Poly by far so try your hand at learning more about wine grape growing, winemaking and the wine business. This course is only offered during the fall and spring so be sure to sign up!

10. GEOG 150 – Introduction to Cultural Geography

This is a fun course that requires very little work outside the class and fulfills GE area D3. This class teaches you about different populations, cultures, ethnicities and languages. The material taught in this class is very interesting and of course it helps that this is an easy course.

11. COMS 101 – Public Speaking

Public speaking. Some like it, most hate it. But going in prepared can make a world of difference. Here are five key concepts to get familiar with before you start COMS 101 that might make your first quarter a little bit easier: TOP 5 Pro Tips to Survive COMS 101 at Cal Poly SLO

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