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Going to college and choosing to study theatre is far different from any drama class you have taken in high school. They require a large amount of dedication and drive in order to even get through your freshman year. These are the typical classes that most students start out with. Let it be known this is how musical theatre starts out but you will typically have these the following semester for other any other emphasis.

1.Voice and movement (THTR 141A)

This one really makes you step outside the comfort zone. If you tend to think of yourself as an introvert than you might not like this class to start out. You just have to go in remembering that everyone is here to do the same thing as you. Don’t be afraid of how ridiculous you look because everyone will feel the same. Just be fully committed to the class and do your online assignments. 

2. Art of the theatre (THTR 200)

This class is script analysis. Taking plays and breaking them down into several sections (characters, plot, language, etc). This class will sound like a lot of work but besides the 5 papers there is not too much work. Also this class makes it fun covering every aspect from Shakespeare to comedy. You will not have a dull day in this class and you will learn so much. After this class you can become a true thespian. Just make sure to get all your analysis papers done.

3. Oral communication of literature (THTR 110)

Fun class that involves reading any piece of text whether it be a play, poem, or story. This covers a GE unit so you are meeting people from outside the theatre department as well so it is welcoming. There are many points in the class where you have to speak lines of a poem and even times when you must go up to the front of the class so if you have stage fright you may feel uncomfortable to start out but will slowly warm up. Just be prepared to get really silly really fast.

4. Tap/Ballet 1 (DANC 142/DANC 112)

These classes are separate but I put them together because I have the same things to say about them. Both of classes are extremely fast paced. If you are not experienced in either you will have some struggle with many of he concepts. However after a little time doing it over and over again you will learn. I walked in knowing nothing about tap and I can follow a combo with ease. The same goes for ballet as I can finally keep up with some of he other males. It will be a struggle and you will want to cry and quite but you have to keep at it and get stronger.

5. Production (THTR 478B)

Now this one is a rough not for its content but for its time. This is a night class that is only from 7-9:45. This class gives you some of the basic skills and knowledge of how to survive in college and the theatre department. You will hear guest after guest speaker come and inform you about the program as a whole so it is useful for freshman. However be warned it’s mainly helping the acting and musical theatre emphasis. Design, directors, stage managers, and other will be addressed just not as much. Still it is a fun class that also proves very useful.

Life as a theatre major is quite a hectic one with many difficult classes but they are so worth it. Theatre classes have never been more enjoyable. The professors are great and the material they teach is so important. You will not be disappointed with the theatre department at CSUF, that is guaranteed.


Damian Arteaga

I am currently a Theatre major at Cal State University Fullerton. I am a true Thespian and love this college even though I am only a freshman. I will write blogs based on college life at CSUF and many important aspects on the theatre department.

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