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Finding the best study spot on campus can be hard, especially with thousands of students going back and forth from class and making noise. For some people, background noise is essential when studying, while others prefer silence to concentrate. Whether you prefer noise or silence, Cal State Fullerton has many great spots that are great for studying and completing homework.

1. Fountain in front of Langsdorf Hall

At the very front of campus and in front of Langsdorf Hall, there is a big fountain with plenty of seating space around it. The fountain is a very peaceful place to study and do work because of the soothing sound of rushing waters. Through Fullerton’s beautiful weather, the spot also provides fresh air and sunshine. From the fountain, students are also able to see the daily lives of their peers and find inspiration. Although people are constantly walking past the fountain, the sounds of water distract from the noise of passing students. 

2. The roof of University Hall

The roof of University Hall consists of many benches and tables that students sit at to wait for their classes, eat, study, and complete homework. It is great for students who want quiet and peaceful study spots because even if students are on the roof, the noise is usually low and everyone is kept to themselves. The spot includes shade and sunlight, as well as vending machines if students are in need of a refreshment.

3. Titan Student Union

The Titan Student Union is known mostly for its awesome food court, gaming activities, and campus resources that are available to all students. Depending on whether a student wants a loud or quiet atmosphere, he or she should explore the different floors. The very bottom floor consists of the gaming activities, which seems to be the loudest area of the Titan Student Union. The main floor consists of the food court and lounges, which can be loud depending on the time of day. Finally, the upper level consists mainly of rooms, chairs, and booths for students to study, do homework, eat, and socialize. The upper level tends to be the most quiet because most, if not all, students want to focus on their schoolwork. The Titan Student Union is great because it has multiple options for atmospheres when it comes to studying and completing work. 

4. Lava Lounge

The Lava Lounge is located on the second floor of Langsdorf Hall and is a resource available to all first year college students. The Lava Lounge consists of resources such as computers, free printing, and counseling for students. Many first year students drop in anytime during the day and will study and work. The counselors and students are always very welcoming and answer any questions the students have. Although it is a small space, it can be both active and calm, depending on the time of day.

5. Visual Art Buildings

Throughout the different segments of the Visual Art Buildings, there are different pieces of artworks that were either created by the students of Cal State Fullerton, or were donated to the university. There are many places around the art to study. The different galleries and art walk gives students inspiration and motivation to study. One of the favorite places among students to sit and study is under the Wall Gazing Gallery, which has a pool of water surrounding it and water that runs down one side. It is a very quiet and relaxing place for all students. 

6. Student Piazza

The Student Piazza is located in the center of Student Housing and the Gastronome. It is available for all students, whether you live in a dorm , apartment, or off campus. The Student Piazza has benches, chairs, different grass areas for students to sit on, and trees to lay under. The piazza is very relaxing and always active with students going back and forth to class and to the Gastronome.

7. The Arboretum

The Arboretum is located behind the residence halls and consists of classrooms, gardens, and trails that are available to all students. The Arboretum would be a great place for students to lay down a blanket and study. It is peaceful because students are surrounded by nature and fresh air. However, the squirrels WILL try to steal your food if you have any, so beware.

8. Library

The Library is a great spot to study and complete homework due to the many different resources and its quiet activity. The library has books, computers, study rooms, printing, tutoring, writing centers, and more. Although the library is constantly active, it remains quiet most of the time due to students working. There are multiple floors of the library, but the first floor consists of most of the resources students use. The library is a great place for students who enjoy peace and quiet.

9. Starbucks!

For many students, Starbucks is the ultimate spot for studying, doing homework, and socializing with friends. What is a better mix than coffee and schoolwork? Although coffee helps energize students and causes them to focus, it is a great atmosphere for people who prefer loud and active study spaces. There are many Starbucks on campus due to the love Fullerton students have for coffee. 

10. Dorms/Apartments/House

For students who do not want to go out and find a place to study, there is always the option to stay in and study in your room or house. The benefit of staying home and studying is students have all of their work at home and don’t have to worry about hauling their work around campus. Within dorms and apartments, many students take advantage of study rooms that the school provides within their halls. Staying in and being comfortable is also a great way to get studying done.

Cal State Fullerton has many unique and effective spots around campus to study, complete homework, and relax. Whether students prefer atmospheres that are quiet, loud, or somewhat in the middle, the campus has spots that satisfies all it. Many students tend to have a favorite spot on campus that they feel most comfortable at and consider home. Make sure to check out these spots if you are on the hunt for a new study spot!


Sara Sterni

I attend Cal State Fullerton and love to share my experiences, stories, and thoughts. I love being able to give other college students advice and help :)

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