If you go to CSUF, you are aware that this school is known as a commuter school. By reading this first sentence, you will think that these tips will be useful to CSUF students or incoming students. However, these tips will be useful for students that go to commuter schools in general. We all know that it is hard for students to make friends because there is hardly any people once school is over. The good news is that it is possible to make friends at a commuter school. The one thing you need is to put yourself out there.

1. Join A Fraternity/Sorority

Greek life is a good way to make friends because their events are always in social settings, unlike in classrooms. Greek life could take a lot of time when you are in a process of becoming a member because there are so many requirements to do, you have to know your president, vice president, etc, and you have to read a book about your Greek’s organization history and take a test on it. Even though this is time-consuming, it is worth it because it gives you opportunities to go to hangouts and parties where you are in a social setting. So how do you get a bid from a Greek Organization? First, to increase your odds, talk to people that are in a fraternity and socialize with them. This will make them think that you are easy going. Second, wait for a semester or quarter so this way you get to know which Organizations are good and compliment your lifestyle.

2. Join A Club That Is Related To Your Major Or A Major That You Are Interested In   

It is good to get involved in a club because it will give you an opportunity to make friends, know what you want to major in, know what career you want to pursue, learn skills that will help you in the future, and it will look good when you apply for a job. To get started know where you are at. For instance, for you are majoring in computer science, look at what career options you want to pursue. For instance say if you want to work for Google, join a coding club. Over time, look at other paths like a Data Analyst and join a club that relates to that. This will give you an opportunity to make friends, get advice on what classes to take from members that are older than you, look good on your resume, learn skills that will be useful to your career, and know what path you want to go.

3. Form a Study Group From Your Class

Forming a study group will be a good tip to make friends because this will give you an excuse to a classmate to hang out with you. First, these meetups will be because of understanding the material. Then when a few meetings go by, you will be able to build comfort with them. This will give you an opportunity to ask them if you want to hang out sometime.  If it doesn’t work out then don’t take it personally! Learn from what you can do better and know that there are more opportunities to meet different people!

4. Join An Intramural Sports Team

Intramural sports are fun because you get to be on a team. Another bonus is that it will help you prevent the “Freshman 15” because you are constantly active. This is a good way to make friends because you get to talk to each other and connect each other on a sport they like. Also, you guys get to spend time when you guys are playing and give you an opportunity to schedule hangouts outside of practices and games.

5. Go To Social Gatherings

By going to social gatherings, it will give you an opportunity to interact with people. To do this successfully, go up to them with confidence. Encourage the person to talk more about themselves. Instead of asking generic questions, ask open-ended questions to keep the ball rolling. People like talking about themselves because it gives them an opportunity to tell them who they are.

At the end of the day, making friends at a commuter school is not hard as you think. Getting involved with your school will definitely help you to make friends. At first, you will meet people that won’t be friends with you and don’t take it personally. There are more people out there that want to make friends and by getting involved and talking to people, you will find friends.

Andrew Medizade

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