Surviving the Statistics and Probability course at Cal State Fullerton can be challenging because of different vocabulary used and the strategic steps needed to be taken to solve problems. However, it is very much possible to pass the course with an excellent grade. Although it can be challenging, it is not impossible, even for students who don’t have a strong suit in mathematics. Trying your very best and interacting with the class will lead to success.

Tip #1:Always ask questions in class

Through all of the steps of understanding Statistics and Probability, it can be difficult for students to understand or miss a concept. It is very important to always ask questions, even just to double check your understanding. Many students are afraid of asking questions because they feel they will be looked down, but there is no harm in asking. If a student asks a simple question about a concept, most likely one other person has that exact same question. Asking questions not only helps the student, but the class as a whole and their growth.


Tip#2: Attend office hours

Even though most college students have a busy schedule, it is important to make time for professor’s office hours. It is important, not only to get to know the professor, but to help the student succeed in the course. By simply attending office hours and reviewing problems and concepts, your understanding and grade will definitely improve. If students also have questions that he or she is afraid to ask in the classroom, attending office hours will be helpful.


Tip#3: Do extra credit problems

For students who have a hard time understanding math, participating in extra credit activities can be great practice and also boost a student’s grade. Depending on the professor, extra credit opportunities can be present throughout the semester. Whether they are worth one or even five to ten points, they will be helpful. Receiving practice and points can help student’s grade and growth within the course.


Tip#4: Complete all Aplia assignments

For the course at Cal State Fullerton, professors require students to do online homework and practice on Aplia. Aplia consists of lessons and problems that students are graded on, rather than turning work in to the professor. It is a great way to practice and review problems. Depending on the professor, he or she may only use Aplia as practice and give all students points for completion, while some professors may grade it as homework. Completing all Aplia assignments to the best of your ability can improve your grade.


Tip#5: Practice Problems and study

When it comes time for exams, make flashcards and study formulas, as well vocabulary. Statistics and Probability consists of a different vocabulary that students may find difficult or consider to be a whole different language. Understanding words and concepts will help when trying to solve problems within the course. Try going through the workbook or Aplia assignments and pick random problems to practice on. Practice is the key to success within the course.

By completing all of the work and asking for help, students are able to be more successful in Math120 at CSUF. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for a little more help from students or your professor, especially with challenging courses. Both the student and the class will have a better understanding of concepts if questions are frequently asked in and out of the classroom. Although the course may seem difficult at times, if students work hard and try their best, it can be passed.

Sara Sterni

I attend Cal State Fullerton and love to share my experiences, stories, and thoughts. I love being able to give other college students advice and help :)

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