Many students go into college with the idea that Art courses are easy and that he or she can just fly by in the class. However, studying art in college can be very difficult due to all of the elements, processes, and history that goes into the making of art. Unfortunately, students are not able to create their own artworks within the course. It is meant to teach students the importance of famous artworks and how it was made, why it was created, as well as who created it. Students must be very attentive during class and study in order to succeed in the class.

Tip#1: Understand the different elements of art

There are many different elements and techniques that take part in art. Some examples include composition, color, and texture. Students need to understand these elements in order to critique different pieces of art in and out of the classroom. Students also have to understand the different types of genre and period of art because it connects to the history and the artist’s purpose of the art piece. Within the class, students are introduced to these elements and concepts within the first few lessons in order to begin critiquing artwork.

Tip#2: Study art and artists taught in class

Within the class, students are taught different artists and their background, as well as their art and how it is effective throughout history. It is very important to study the different artists and why their art is important because it will show up on exams. By learning art and its history, students will be able to also appreciate art in everyday life.

Tip#3: Look at art on your own time

At Cal State Fullerton, there are many examples of art that has been donated to the school or created by its own students. These different pieces of art are located in the Titan Student Union and the Visual Arts building. Viewing and interpreting these different forms of art is great practice for the classroom. While in the class, professors may use these artworks as examples to help students form opinions and receive points in the course. If students are interested in art outside of the classroom, Cal State Fullerton has many options to view and interpret.

Tip#4: Attend class and take thorough notes

Although attendance is not always required in college, showing up to the course is very important, not only because it counts towards the students grade, but also because missing class results in missing important information. Although the course involves notes, tests, and a few assignments, it is very important that students pay attention and study. Taking organized notes helps when it comes time to study or go back to a previous lecture. Attending the lectures and taking detailed notes is important because students are able to learn about different pieces of art and their history. Also, most professors will not give students the notes if they do not attend. It is up to the students to keep up with the lecture notes.

Tip#5: Complete extra credit

Taking part in extra credit in any course is very important because it can help boost a student’s grade. Some students may find the course difficult because of the interpretation and different elements of art that need to be understood. In the course, the only extra credit assignment that is available is completing an interpretation of any object around you, whether it is in your room or in class. The assignment is very easy and provides a few points to help boost your grade. Doing any extra credit, even if it is only a few points, can make a difference on ones grade. Also, the professor can tell when a student is trying his or her best, which could also improve the grade. Trying your very best in every course is key to success.

When taking the course, students should always be attentive and present in order to obtain all of the information of the professor and the lecture. It is very important to take organized notes to help you study and prepare for exams as well. If students are able to attend class and study, they will definitely be successful in the course. Some students may even find interest in art outside of the classroom and in their futures.


Sara Sterni

I attend Cal State Fullerton and love to share my experiences, stories, and thoughts. I love being able to give other college students advice and help :)

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