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At some point during your college career, you are going to catch a cold or get very sick. Although getting a cold may seem like the end of the world- it’s not. There are different ways you can succeed in college even if you are sick during it.

1. Notify Your Professors Right Away

Professors can be strict when it comes to school. Despite this, professors are not your enemy and want you to succeed. In order to let your professors know you are sick and may need to reschedule a final, you must email them immediately. If you wait until the last minute, your professors will not be able to help you out. They could assume that you are just saying you have a cold so you can make an excuse to delay your assignments. Email your professors what assignments you should make up and ask for notes.

2. Go To The Student Wellness Center

Going to the Student Wellness Center covers your tuition so take advantage of it! There are trained medical professionals that work at the student wellness center that can prescribe antibiotics or can take care of you in other ways.  Once you find out you have a cold, go to the Wellness Center right away so you can treat it.

3. Go To The Administrative Office

Sometimes, professors can give students with a cold a hard time. This is because professors think that students are just saying they have a cold as an excuse to not do assignments. If this happens, you can go to the administrative office and talk to other administrators about this issue. In addition, they will offer you options to help you out with a cold by contacting the Student Health Center.

4. Get Plenty Of Rest

This is a simple mistake college students make because school and social events take up a lot of time that students would otherwise use to rest. It is hard to avoid a party on a Friday night because all of your friends are going, but you have to rest in order to get better. Alcohol and lack of sleep will make your cold worse and you might end up in the ER. So, instead of partying, you should get cozy in bed, take a warm shower, drink lots of fluids, and relax.

At the end of the day, having a cold is uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are resources you can access that will help you recover in no time. The number one mistake that students make when they are trying to get over a cold is a lack of sleep due to school and social life. When you are sick, you should only rest and study. Friends will understand and you can hang out with them again until you feel better.




Andrew Medizade

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