The most common thought about incoming College students have is should they be involved in Greek Life. Many concerns that students have is the stereotypes Greek members have where it is the judgments members make or the hazing. These stereotypes may be true, however, there are many Greek organizations that best fit your personalities. Here are 5 reasons to go Greek at CSUF?

1. Leadership

CSUF Greek life knows how important it is to provide greek members an environment to develop their leadership skills and potential. CSUF Greek community provides students many diverse opportunities to play an integral part in their chapter and beyond through direct and indirect leadership roles. Greek life at CSUF is eager to prepare students that will leave their Greek organization better than they found it.


2. CSUF Is Not All About Partying Unlike Other Colleges

CSUF Greek Life knows that it is a big deal when it comes to giving back to the community instead of just planning on partying all the time. Participation by Greek members serves as a model of service to the entire Titan community. Students will enhance their personal awareness of the surrounding community and unity while helping out people in need.


3. It Will Make Your Social Life A Titan Easier

Making friends at a commuter school can be frustrating because there are no social events going on a lot. Luckily, Greek life will meet your college experience because you have a lot of opportunities to get together with your brothers and have long-lasting memories. Greek life at CSUF always strives to promote a commitment to unity for all of their members.


4. Gives You A Boost To Have An Outstanding GPA

Unlike other Colleges, Greek Life at CSUF knows how important it is for every chapter to get a good GPA. This will give you a boost because your brother will be your mentor, give you college advice, and are willing to help you out with everything you can so you can succeed while you are having fun with your members. It is required for students to have a decent amount of GPA 3.0 or above to stay in Greek Life


5. It Will Save You A Lot For Housing

Going to CSUF, you are aware that housing is pretty expensive. When you are a 3rd year, you will typically move into a Greek house. Typically joining Greek Life at CSUF is $500 dollars per semester. That’s pretty cheap compared to other schools. Housing that is owned by CSUF is usually somewhere between $12,000-$15,000 a year. Compare to joining Greek life is $1,000 a year! This is a plus because the less money you pay, the less debut!


At the end of the day, getting involved in Greek life is a personal decision for everyone. Getting involved in this path requires a ton of time commitment, but the investment is worth the cost. You will learn skills you need to get ready for the real world. Also, you will have long-lasting memories you shared with your members as well.


Andrew Medizade

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