You’re a senior in high school that has to do tons of applications. March goes by and you found out which schools you got into. At this point, you have no idea which school you want to go to. Here are 5 reasons you should go to CSUF. This should narrow down your options.

1. Debt Won’t Be An Issue

CSUF students that have graduated have $5,000 less debt than other graduates from four-year public university graduates.  Another plus is that 60% of graduates from CSUF had zero debt. This is good news for CSUF students because with no debt equals no financial stress. This will give you an early start than other graduates to enjoy what you do for a living, spend more money in stuff you like, and to focus more on what you want to do in the future.


2. There Are Plenty Of Resources To Meet Your Potential

At CSUF, there are many resources that are provided to you that will help your college transition less of a hassle. Every Wednesday by Pollack Library, employees from animal shelters, bring dogs for students to entertain you guys so you won’t feel stressed out about midterms, papers, etc. Second, Guidance Counselors at CSUF are very positive and can relate to anything you are going through because they have been in your shoes before and care about your success at CSUF. Last, there is a career center where staff members will help you if you ever need a job, internship, or take a quiz on what career suits your interest.


3. It’s Baseball Team

CSUF’s Baseball team is ranked number 8 in the Country! This is not expected for many incoming college students because you would never think that a CSU sports team wasn’t that good. If you go to CSUF, then take advantage of going to their ball games. Did you know that CSUF Baseball has made it to the postseasons 26 consecutive times, made the World Series 18 times, and has 4 titles under their belt?


4. Diversity

CSUF has a strong reputation for having a diverse group of students. This means there are culture clubs you can join that you give you an opportunity to have a diverse group of friends. For instance, there is an African Amercian club where it talks about Black history and helping people that are in need. Having a diverse group of friends will help you learn more about cultures and global politics.


5. Location

CSUF is a college where you are surrounded by great places to go to have fun with your friends. CSUF is 15 minutes away from Disneyland. CSUF is also close to famous bars, restaurants, and malls. This will make up the fact that CSUF is a commuter school because when you go out, you get to socialize with new people. This is a good skill to have: interact with others because it will help with your conifdence and face your fears.


At the end of the day, CSUF has a lot of benefits than you would have expected. Going to CSUF provides you a good education with cheap tuition. You can go to places with your friends without getting bored because there are so many fun things to do. If you take advantage of your resources at CSUF, you will have a successful run!


Andrew Medizade

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