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10 Library Resources at California Baptist University

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Chelsea Bailey
California Baptist University is a university founded in 1950 by the California Southern Baptist Convention. The university offers a Christ-centered education to students and has wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. It also has a belief that every person has a purpose in this world. Apart from being involved in a number of extra curricula activities in the school, students also love to spend some time studying. There is no better place to spend time studying than in the library whether it is in groups or alone. Here are the top 10 library resources for California Baptist University.

1. Borrowing and Renewing

Library with shelves full of books. The first resource offered by the university is the borrowing and renewing. Students are required to have their CBU ID as their library cards; to enable them check out books and other learning materials. Renewing can be online or in person at the library.

2. Online Resources

A room full of computers. There are no computer users around. The second resource is the online resources. The library is stocked with immense collections of resources and books. It also has over 40 databases which help students to find study materials. They are chronologically arranged for ease of access.

3. Holds

Librarian holding a bunch of books The third resource offered by the Annie Gabriel Library is Holds. It comes in handy when you want an item from the library but it is not on the shelf. The Hold resource gives you an option to place a hold in-person if the item has been checked out. Items that have been placed on hold can’t be renewed.

4. Interlibrary Borrowing

A librarian stamping a book when a student is borrowing it. The fourth resource is the Interlibrary Borrowing. This resource enables students to request items that are not in the Annie Gabriel Library’s collections from other libraries. Students can use Camino or WorldCat to get books from other libraries.

5. Welcome to the Library

A librarian keeping a record of issued books. This is great resource by the library that takes you through all the resources that are offered by the library. It helps students to navigate through the facility and be able to access all the resources with ease. It’s a great resource to hop in.

6. Course Reserves

Pile of books written Course Reserves The sixth resource is the course reserves. It provides a great way for students to access certain course materials that are limited. The books or articles are located at the library's front desk (Access Services) and are arranged according to department and the instructors name.

7. Copying and Printing

A printer with a document ready. The seventh resource is copying and printing. The services are charged a small fee which is incomparable to purchasing a printer and doing it yourself. It is available in the library for all the students.

8. Research Assistance

A Magnified research word cloud The eighth resource is research assistance. Writing research papers can be hectic at times. The research assistance resource offers individualized help from the well experienced librarians. They help students with searching for research materials both online and physical.

9. Computers in the Library

A room full of computers. There are no computer users around. The ninth resource is computers in the library. The computers are located near the entrance of the library. They are connected to the Internet and offer access to library resources. There are also power outlets all over the library for use with personal computers.

10. Study Areas

People in a room holding a discussion. The last resource offered by the Annie Gabriel Library is study areas. These spaces offer a comfortable and convenient environment for group study and individual studies. They also have power sockets for laptop use.

Library and Services of California Baptist University

1. Annie Gabriel Library

Front view of the Annie Gabriel Library The Annie Gabriel Library is the main library at California Baptist University. Its aim is to meet the information and research needs of the students. It opens from 7am to 1am during the weekdays.

2. Arlington Library

Front view of Arlington library The Arlington Science Library is an off campus library near CBU. It provides library services for CBU students and other members of the public. Students can check out books for study and research.

3. Arlanza Library

Front view of Arlanza library The Arlanza Library is an off campus library near CBU. It is a library for students as well as the general public. Library users enjoy a variety of resources and amenities at this library.

4. Riverside Library - Marcy Branch

Front view of Riverside library Riverside Library - Marcy Branch is an off campus library. It is located near California Baptist University and provides students with a range of library services and amenities. It is open to the public.

5. SSgt. Salvador J. Lara Casa Blanca Library

Front view of SSgt. Salvador J. Lara Casa Blanca Library The SSgt. Salvador J. Lara Casa Blanca Library is an off campus library. It opened in 2003 and houses a collection of close to 30,000 items. It opens from 11 am - 7 pm Monday-Thursday and 10 am - 6 pm Friday & Saturday.


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