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Health and Wellness Resources at Cal Baptist

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Bay Bledel
13 Dec 2018
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California Baptist University is a private, Christian, liberal arts university located in Riverside, California. The university has an assortment of health and wellness resources to accommodate the needs of its student population of nearly 7,000 undergraduates. This includes resources related to physical, mental, and sexual health. Here are five health and wellness resources available at California Baptist University that all enrolled and prospective students should know about

1. California Baptist University Student Health Center

This should be the immediate go-to for all of the health needs of students at California Baptist University. The center's goal is to provide not only adequate, but effective health, wellness, and counseling services that promote academic and personal success. Walk-ins are welcome. Students have access to a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to taking care of students' medical needs in a comfortable environment. Most insurance is accepted. This resource is available to all members of the California Baptist University campus community. Students are encouraged to visit at the onset of illness symptoms or other health concerns. Health Center staff are also capable of addressing most conditions that are usually treated in an urgent care facility.

A team of doctors passionate about wellness

2. California Baptist University Wellness Center

This is a student-focused department that houses the California Baptist University Health Center and the California Baptist University Counseling Center. The goal of Wellness Center staff is to provide effective health, wellness, and counseling services that will lead to greater academic and personal success. By focusing on their mental and physical health and putting these things first, students will have more success in everything they do

Medical professionals on their way to help a patient

3. California Baptist University Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides Christ-centered, psychologically sound therapy to the California Baptist University community. Some of the resources available are free, anonymous screenings online; individual, couples and family therapy; various campus outreach activities throughout the academic year; and other helpful resources available on the website. Students who feel that they would benefit from counseling services can make an appointment online. Appointments are 50 minutes long

A counselor and a student talking

4. Health Insurance Waivers

Health insurance waivers must be submitted online. Proof of insurance waivers must be submitted before the “Last day to drop a class with refund” as indicated in the University Calendar, during the first semester of each academic year. Students who do not submit proof of medical insurance online by the deadline will be enrolled in and charged for student health insurance plan provided through the University. Once a student is enrolled in student health insurance, the charge is non-refundable. All international students, undergraduate or graduate, are required to enroll in the student health insurance plan

A health insurance form and a stethoscope

5. Riverside Medical Clinic

Students at California Baptist University seeking medical care can also find it at Riverside Medical Clinic, which is in partnership with and operates in cooperation with the California Baptist University Student Health Center. The clinic provides staffing and insurance billing services, but it also provides healthcare to students with a variety of ailments, though it may not accept all insurance plans. Riverside Medical Clinic also provides a variety of vaccinations that fight against illness

A variety of items necessary to receive healthcare


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