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10 Library Resources at California Lutheran University

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Chelsea Bailey
9 Nov 2018
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California Lutheran University is a university founded in 1959. Students at this university are committed to follow their dreams and passions in the effort to transform their communities. They will therefore get involved in learning and studying activities in classrooms and most importantly in the library. The university has invested resources in the library to ensure that students needs are adequately met. Listed below are the top 10 library resources for California Lutheran University.

1. Book a Study Room

Library with shelves full of books. The first resource is book a study room. This resource helps a great deal in helping students reserve study spaces. It makes it easier to locate and book the most convenient space for you to study or hold group discussions.

2. Course Reserves

Pile of books written Course Reserves The second resource is the course reserves. The library offers students with a chance to access reserved course books and articles for learning. This gives everyone a chance to access course materials for learning.

3. Interlibrary Loan

A librarian stamping a book when a student is borrowing it. The third resource is the interlibrary loan. You might be looking for a certain item in the library collection but you don’t find it. Well, there is no need to worry since the university gives you an option to request for items from other libraries that are not available in the Pearson library.

4. Writing Center

A picture showing hands writing and typing The fourth resource is the Writing Center. This resource offers a collaborative space between the library and the library users (students) to develop and improve on their writing skills. This makes it easy for them to come up with better thesis and other academic works.

5. Contact a Subject Librarian

A librarian keeping a record of issued books. The fifth resource is contact a subject librarian. At times navigating through the library for resources becomes a problem and you find yourself requiring help. This resource enables you to get individual attention from the librarians on issues to do with research, online resources or searching the database for information.

6. Research & Information Desk

A Magnified research word cloud The sixth resource is the research & Information Desk. It is located just directly across from the Circulation Desk. It is staffed by student assistants and subject librarians who are ready to help you with all your research queries as well as other library resources.

7. Citations and Style Guides

A list of Citation used in research writing. The seventh resource is citations and style guides. It is important for students doing research or any other form of academic writing to have a basic understanding of formatting styles and citations. The library provides students with resources to enable them grasp the concepts.

8. Access Your Library Account

Library with shelves full of books. The eighth resource is access your library account. It helps students to access resources in a more individualized manner. The student accounts can be used to renew books, request for books among many other functions just at the convenience of your phone.

9. Library Printing and Technology

A printer with a document ready. The ninth resource is Library Printing and Technology. Printing, copying or scanning is part of the life in college. The library understands the need to have efficient printing and technology services. The services are cheap and are available to all students.

10. Multimedia Resources

Mobile phone with earphones plugged in. The last resource is multimedia resources. The library provides students with access to multimedia resources via multimedia databases such as kanopy, films on demand and much more. It also has a collection of Gale research databases that offer an array of multimedia content.

Library and Services of California Lutheran University

1. Pearson Library

Front view of the Pearson Library The Pearson Library is the main library at California Lutheran University. It is committed to meet students’ needs in information and research. It opens Mon – Fri from 8:15 am - 11:45 p.m. and Sat – Sun from 10:15 am - 11:45 p.m.

2. Thousand Oaks Library (Newbury Park Branch Library)

Front view of the Thousand Oaks Library Thousand Oaks Library (Newbury Park Branch Library) is located at 2331 Borchard Road in Newbury Park. It is an off campus library. It has a range of amenities and resources for students and the public. It houses a collection of more than 350000 items. It opens from 12pm to 8pm on Monday through Wednesday and from 10am to 6pm on Thursday and Friday.

3. Thousand Oaks Grant R. Brimhall Library

Front view of the Thousand Oaks Grant library Thousand Oaks Grant R. Brimhall Library is located at 1401 E. Janss Road in Thousand Oaks. It is an off campus library providing library services to students and the public. It has more than 350000 items in collection. It operates from 11am to 8pm during weekdays.

4. Agoura Hills Library

Front view of the Agoura Hills library Agoura Hills Library is an off campus library. It provides students and the public with a range of library resources. It usually operates from 10am to 8pm during the weekdays.

5. Westvillage Library

Front view of the West Village Library Camarillo Library is an off campus library. It offers California Lutheran University students with amenities and resources for study and research. It opens from 10am to 8pm on week days.


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