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Restaurants in or at California Lutheran University

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Mariam Jabeen

Students studying at the California Lutheran University will find a lot of dining option both at the campus and outside. Those dining areas present on the campus ensure to keep the quality, taste, and hygiene of the food up to the mark. Also, they aim to give a suitable environment for the students that can cater to their specific needs. So, there the students can do a quiet study, group discussions or plan a get together with friends. Sometimes, when the students need to experience food outside the university, there are diverse dining solutions near campus. In this respect, let us see the dining solutions both within and outside campus:

1. Ullman Dining

A girl standing at fresh salad bar

This dining place within campus offers the students and staff with plenty of made-to-order food options. The place specializes in brick-oven pizzas, grilled items, salads and fresh fruits bar, pasta bar, deli counter, and bakery goods. The student and staff can tailor their meals with the help of a digital kiosk system.

2. Centrum’s Café

Entrance of cafe

Over the years, this café has been the top choice of all the students. In fact, it is the all-time favorite of every person on the campus. This café offers fine quality grill food and healthy salad options along with home-made hot beverages and refreshing drinks. The café environment is for all the students who want to do serious studying, type the lectures on a laptop or have a good time with friends. Its patio seating is very relaxing and perfect to sip a refreshing drink to beat the heat of the day.

3. The Royal Egg café

Juice and breakfast serving on table

The café is perfect for light morning breakfasts as it uses fresh organic ingredients to prepare the dishes. The ambiance of the place is highly inviting and warming. The place is clean, and the staff is very helpful and polite. Many students are seen having breakfasts and completing their assignments and skimming through their books before their scheduled test or quizzes. Home-made pastries and jams, sandwiches of different protein varieties, pancakes, fresh food, salads, and hot coffee are the place specialties.

4. 3 Amigos Restaurant

Mexican tacos

This dining place near the university campus offers a lot of Mexican delights. The students find the Chicken tortilla soup, breaded fish tacos, and Supreme Burrito very tasty and rank them as specialties. The food is up to the mark, hygienic and tasty as the hot sauces, chipotle and salsa complement them.

5. Cajun Crab shack

Seafood platter

Those students who need to taste made-to-order seafood dishes and authentic Cajun taste, this place is right to go. The servings of the restaurants are big, and the tasty and food quality is up to the mark. Full of flavors and spices, the checks cook the dishes to perfection. Students can opt for different flavors in their dishes such as lemon, garlic-butter, lime pepper, and Cajun. Fish and chips, crab cakes, Buffalo wings, shrimps, calamari and lobster complemented with potato, sausage and corn are the specialties.

6. Rachada Thai Cuisine

Thai soup

This restaurant specializes in offering Thai food and is a family-owned business. Thai soups and salads are the place specialties, and the taste is very yummy. Even the Indian students who love spicy food will not find the place disappointing. The environment is peaceful, and the food service is praiseworthy.

7. Cafe Firenze

The Italian speciality dish

The specialty of the restaurant lies in its environment. The open kitchen prepares fresh Italian food that is, and in the patio seating, the students enjoy the tasty food. The place offers a different kind of kinds of pasta and pizza options that are an all-time favorite of the students.

With these different dining places, University students can overcome the stress of their studies. In different environments of these cafes, they can relax, plan hangouts with friends or do serious studying while sipping coffee.


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