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10 of the Easiest Classes at California Lutheran University

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Arrionna Farricker
15 May 2018
4 min read
Trying to pass every course in college is not an easy feat. There will always be that one class that is harder than the rest that makes you wish you had taken an easier class. Well, do not fear, here 1o of the easiest classes offered at California Lutheran University (Cal Lutheran).

1. BUS 251 - Financial Accounting

An introduction to the world of accounting, this course looks at the basic assumptions, principles, procedures, and methods used to create financial statements in accounting.

2. POLS 102 - American Government

A study of the theories and practices used by the American Government system, this class allows students to gain a more in-depth understanding of the standing principles of democracy, the Constitution, the varying branches of government, as well as differing political parties and lobby groups.

3. HIST 121 - History of the U.S. I: Early Colonization to 1887

Focusing on the historical aspects of early settlement in the United States to the Reconstruction era, this class gives deeper insight into American culture and society throughout time, the difference in varying political systems and their effect on the U.S., as well as the shift of women's roles and minority groups in the U.S.

4. HIST 122 - History of the U.S. II: 1865 - Present

Looking into American history after the Reconstruction era to present day times, this class delves into the historical impacts of industrialization and urbanization in the U.S., the effects that the Great Depression, America's rise to power, as well as the change in social classes and minorities.

5. PSYC 200 - Introduction to Psychology

Covering the basic aspects of psychology such as social behavior, development, perception, thinking, etc. this class is pretty easy as it is a pre-requisite for all other psychology classes offered at California Lutheran University.

6. SOC 101 - Introductory Sociology

Giving insight into the basic fundamental concepts and theories of sociologists, this course focuses on the different levels of social power present in today's world and how that acts as a driving force in influencing human behavior and social changes.

7. MATH 151 - Pre-Calculus

A course required by all students to take, Pre-Calculus teaches students the fundamental math skills necessary to progress in future classes, where students learn about real numbers, equations, inequalities, and different mathematical functions.

8. MATH 251 - Calculus

Taken after Pre-Calculus, this math course is required for all students at California Lutheran University to take and teaches students the concept of limits in mathematics, as well as the concept of derivatives.

9. CHEM 151 - General Chemistry

This is a basic science class required by almost all students as a pre-requisite for many science classes and teaches students about the different theories, principles, and laws of chemistry and how different properties and compounds are used in the field of science.[caption id="attachment_62609" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Test tubes in a laboratory[/caption]

10. ENT 301 - The Analytics of Value Creation

Looking into the transition from the concept of business to the evaluations and tools used in today's markets, this class allows students to re-evaluate some of the main assumptions of traditional business models through customer feedback and prototype development to better understand and develop ways in which businesses can new products more fit for today's market.Not all college courses are easy, but it's the ones that are easy that make college all the more bearable. When taking a full-course schedule and having three-papers to write just for two classes, it's nice to have a few easy classes every now and then to boost up your GPA. These classes at California Lutheran University are surely easy enough to help lower stress levels and make college a bit more tolerable.


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