Chances are that you’re probably going to need to take an English G.E. course in your first semester of college even if you took all of the possible AP/IB high school courses. There are a couple possibilities to fulfill the requirement; if you decide to take ENG 100, here are some general tips to succeed in the class.

1. Be prepared to write 4-5 essays


ENG 100 is one of those classes where you’re going to need to write a lot. These are also not simply papers that you can “BS” your way through. Most of these papers have an “at least 5 pages” requirement, so be prepared to do a lot of research.

2. Annotate your articles


Alongside papers, you’re going to be given a lot of articles to print out and bring to class. The professor is going to spend a lot of time dissecting these articles, so your best bet is to highlight key words and phrases. If the professor doesn’t decide to collect your articles, make sure you annotate on them to mark down what you thought of it. This organization will greatly help you in the long run.

3. Writer’s Resource Lab is on campus


There is a Writer’s Resource Lab (WRL)on campus. The lab consists of team members who are professional writers/editors; most of these team members are graduate students in the English department. They can help you with anything ranging from how to write a topic sentence to creating a valid thesis. It is completely free for students, so you have nothing to lose.

4. Use your resources


There are plenty of resources, whether in person, or online to use. You have your professor, who you should never be scared to approach. Use the walk-in hours that your professor has provided for you. Use the link that your professor just sent you. Make some friends in your class so you can work on assignments together. These are all small steps to being a better student.

5. Read carefully (especially novels)

follow instructions

You have to read a lot in this class! You’re in luck if you enjoy reading, however it’s not as easy as it sounds. A lot of professors at CSULB will make you read a lot of books, but for ENG 100 you’re going to have to read and annotate. This means that slow, close reading is what you need to really comprehend the information well and do well on the quizzes. There are quizzes for every two to three chapters.


These are some tips that well help you succeed in ENG 100. This class isn’t the easiest class and there is going to be a lot of reading, writing, and such. However, it’s a class that teaches you a lot about how to write professional.

Michael Xu

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