HIST 173 (History 173) is definitely not one of the easier G.E.s you can take at CSULB. It covers material from the early 1400s to Post Cold-war events. The class is a lecture, therefore most of the class will be spent taking notes, reviewing, and studying. However, don’t be frightened by the name itself, because it is definitely survivable.

1. Get ready to take a lot of notes.

Trust me on this one. You’re in for a long flight, a very long—sometimes delayed—flight. Every week there are two lectures. Lectures are 1.5 hours and mostly consist of the teacher reading off a PowerPoint, quite literally. History is something that isn’t necessarily taught, rather something you learn by just reading the textbook.

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2. Write your essays early

In this class, they’re going to make you write a couple of essays about a certain topic. Keep in mind, these essays aren’t just going to be the standard 3 page essay from high school. They’re going to want you to write a 6-page essay, with a fully worked out thesis that actually means something. Be ready for that.

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3.  Try your best in the class!

The textbook material in this class is pretty straightforward, so don’t worry about that. However, the power points in this class can get pretty repetitive. A lot of people stop showing up for class because they think it’s just that boring. Try your best and come to class. Although you may not be the most “historically-aware” person in your class, don’t sweat, everyone is trying to improve. If you put in everything you have, you’ll see yourself knowing more history than ever before.

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4. Ask your professor questions

The professors are all History geeks, so they know a lot about it. Take this opportunity to talk to them when you’re doing discussion, or during office hours. If you don’t know the significance of a certain event, ask your professor; they should be glad to help you out.


5. Use the History Tutors on campus

There is a history tutor on campus. Use it. They are all experts in their field and are there to help you. Why not take advantage of this free resource and act upon it. It may help you with a paper or topic you’re struggling with.



These are some tips that well help you succeed in HIST 173. This class isn’t for everyone, but for people who want to get over a G.E. that you want to fulfill, it really isn’t too bad. Hopefully, these tips help you succeed in this class.


Michael Xu

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