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7 Must-Go Food Places at CSULB

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Michael Xu
For some people, food is just something we have to consume to stay alive. However, for college students, food is something that we genuinely rely on to stay alive and to enjoy, at times. Whether it's a certain type of coffee, pizza, or poke bowl, there are many choices that students at CSULB can choose from. Here are 7 places on campus that are highly recommended:

1. Sbarro 

The Sbarro $5 pizza combo is probably the best "bang-for-buck." It comes with a slice of pizza of your choice, a drink, and a side. It's not the best pizza you'll ever eat, but good enough for pizza that is located near your classes.

2. Robeks

Robeks is the go-to place for healthy and delicious drinks on campus. There are two locations, one near the USU and one in the Rec Center. This place has acai bowls, smoothies, fresh juices, you name it. It even has protein supplements if you wanna get swole after a workout.  

3.  Hibachi-San

This is a Japanese style restaurant that serves some pretty authentic Japanese food. There are teriyaki bowls, or you can get poke bowls. It's more on the pricey end, but for the quality of the food you're getting, it isn't too bad.

4. OPA! Greek

OPA! Greek is a place for your Mediterranean cravings. If your stomach is asking for the halal meal it's been grumbling for hours, this is the place to go. Not only is this place delicious, it is also a healthier option.

5. BeachWalk

BeachWalk is for the true health enthusiasts. If you feel like you need a body cleanse because you have been eating instant noodles for the past week, here is the place to go. They have all kinds of salads, and bowls that will not only satisfy your hunger, but give your immune system a boost.

6. Outpost Grill

The Outpost Grill is a popular spot to grab a beer, hot dog, specialty pizza, charbroiled burger, salad, sandwich, or vegetarian entrée.  They have it all, but you are probably just paying attention to the word "beer." You must be over 21, however. Rules are rules.

7. Nugget Grill & Pub

The Nugget is home to the first pub on campus and offers a wide selection of great food, sports, and entertainment. The Nugget offers a full breakfast menu with select breakfast items served all day. They are by far the most luxurious option you can find on campus, but you pay for what you get. And yes, they also have craft beer for those who were wondering. These are just 7 different places you can go check out at CSULB. School food is usually seen as pretty mediocre, but these are all places that are quite good and most of them are affordable. Now, go and check them all out!


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