School has started again. It’s a new year and people are strive everyday to be a better self. However, new classes have been overwhelming. Worries aside, here are four practice time-management tips for the upcoming spring semester at CSULB.

1. Take advantage of online resources (i.e. Beachboard, CareerLink, Free HBO GO?)

In today’s online world, it’s quite hard to keep up with the latest technology. Thankfully, our school system has upgraded its services and made online learning a lot more accessible. Our newly updated “Beachboard” is a great resources for courses.  Check the syllabus, check grades, take quizzes. All of that jazz is useful resources. In addition,  the school account provides services like CareerLink, which helps find jobs and internships around your area. Did you know that students get free HBO Go access as well? Who thought?



2. Use the CSULB planner

This one may be a “no-brainer”, but many students don’t use some sort of planner to keep track of their work, schoolwork, etc. Every new school year, the school gives out a free planner (with a calendar, important school info, etc.). Using a planner not only gives students a clear idea of what needs to accomplished, but it also gives a “state-of-mind” at hand. Plus, isn’t checking off a “to-do list” one of the most satisfying feelings ever?



3. Pick up a new habit, hobby, passion.

It’s a new year. As students, it’s impossible to be studying 24/7. There are going to be times where we’re going to be tired, burdened by work, or family/personal problems. Find an escape. For this semester, try to learn the piano, get better at basketball, find yourself a job. Spend time wisely. It feels good.



4. Make an intent to discuss with peers, professors, and other intellectual people

The saying goes, to become more intelligent, surround yourself with people who are smarter. Now, the word “smart” can be interpreted in many ways, but knowledge is something that makes people successful in life. Not only does wisdom from other people aid you on your journey, it’s also the connections. Solid connections will assist on finding our own place in society.



These are 4 practical Time-Management tips for the upcoming spring semester at CSULB.  We have all have been through struggles and lack of motivation at some point or another. Hopefully these tips can help students to be more productive this semester.


Michael Xu

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