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10 of the Easiest Classes at CSULB

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Michael Xu
Choosing your courses in college can be quite a dilemma. However, when it comes to choosing classes that you want to not put too much effort in, to boost your GPA, or just to get by, it's the best to find the easiest class that suits you at California State University Long beach. Here are 10 of the easiest classes you can take at CSULB.

1. THEA 113 - Intro to Acting

This is by far one of the easiest G.E. courses you can take at CSULB. In this course, the students in the class come to class and do various activities to learn about the basics of acting and theater. Participation is mandatory, but it is not only an easy "A",  but it is also quite fun to take.pexels-photo-275200.jpeg

2. KIN 104A - Bowling

The name gives it away. This is a class about bowling. Indeed, it is an "one-unit" course, but the benefits of this class far surpass the amount of units. In this class, you go to the bowling arena in the USU, weekly. Not only will you be playing bowling, but you will also learn the technical skill involved in bowling. It's an easy G.E. course that is hard to

3. KIN 100A: Archery

Have you always wanted to be proficient at marksmanship? Fear not. This is the right place to be. CSULB offers an array of one-unit KIN classes, and this is also one of the easiest courses you can take. In this class, you learn about archery, how to release the bow, and all of the other technical skills in archery.pexels-photo-545006.jpeg

4. KIN 108A: Golf

If there is an easier class than archery and bowling, it has to be this class. Taking KIN 108A teaches you about golf, in all of its glory. Taking this class won't guarantee that you make it to the PGA tour next year, but it definitely teaches students how to correctly swing, and use the right technique for it.pexels-photo-54123.jpeg

5. NUTR 132: Introductory Nutrition

Nutrition 132 is one of the easiest G.E. courses at CSULB. There are two options for this class; online or in-person. Whichever you end up choosing, it is a fun and informative course. The homework in the class are all online, including all of the tests.pexels-photo-533360.jpeg

6. COUN 191: Career and Personal Explorations

COUN 191 is a course designed for people that are still unsure about their future career and what they're going to do in the future. It's an easy course, since the homework is minimal and most of the points come from in-class participationpexels-photo-70292.jpeg

7. KIN 157 - Fitness for Living

KIN 157 is a Kinesiology course that covers all the basic parts of staying healthy for life. There are two aspects to this course: the lecture and the activity. This class is great because the assignments are simple, and it allows you to learn how to play different sports, or how to lift weights.pexels-photo-703012.jpeg

8. JOUR 101 - Introduction Mass Communications

JOUR 101 is an introduction to the world of Journalism. This class is a very broad in its rubric, but its objective is to educate students in how journalism works and what is the process behind it. It's an easy and simple class to

9. AFRS 100: Introduction to Africana Studies

This is a course about the abundant history of Africa and its people from history. It talks about the different historical events that have happened, and different types of governments in Africa.pexels-photo-925985.jpeg

10. POSC 100 - Intro to Political Science

POSC 100 is an introduction to the world of political science. It's a relatively easy class, as long as you read your textbook. Attendance is not mandatory, because the class is a big are hundreds of classes you can take at CSULB, but here are 10 of the easiest courses you can take at CSULB. Whether it means to cover a GE, or to fulfill some unit requirements, these classes will be not only easy to take, but also allow you to learn new things and practice some new skills.

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