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Health and Wellness Services at California State University-Northridge

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Francis Nyamu
California State University-Northridge aims at providing their students with quality and specialized healthcare while within the campus location. Therefore, the administration ensures that they hire competent and specialized medical practitioners who would attend to the needs of the scholars adequately. The services are offered on a 24/7 basis for the students to access medical care at all times especially during emergencies. For these reasons, students have expressed the satisfaction and the help they get from the health and wellness services at California State University-Northridge medical clinic. Below is a glimpse of some of the services which the university provides.

1. Healthcare Centre

A student talking to a doctor at the Klotz Student Health Centre The principal of California State University-Northridge ensures that only extremely qualified physicians attend to students at the Klotz Student Health Centre. They provide their services through appointments or direct admissions without any prior communications with the patients. Also, these doctors have over the years expressed unmatched expertise in internal medicine, gynecology, emergency care, sports medicine, surgery, physical therapy, dentistry, reproductive health, and acupuncture. For students to access these healthcare and wellness services, they present their school IDs and receive treatment at no charges.

2. Special Care Centre And The Services

Counseling session The school offers a variety of special care services and one of them is counseling. It falls under the University Counseling Services which has employed a team of social workers and psychiatrists who advice students on sensitive issues affecting their personal lives and academic performances.

3. Mental Healthcare Centre And Services

Mentally-ill students with hearing problems during a counseling session with their psychologis Another important area that the university pays most attention to is the counseling for students with mental health problems. These services are available at the Division of Student Affairs and the other at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services department. They are geared particularly towards students with difficulties in hearing since they are at a greater risk of becoming mentally handicapped at least according to research. Hence, the effectiveness of mental healthcare at the institution is due to the highly qualified counselors who have mastered the art of translation, sign language and culture adaption which gives the students a sense of belonging.

4. Emergency Centre And Services

Campus police attending to an emergency The school has made it easy for learners to access emergency medical care by dialing 911 using the telephone services within the campus location. After this, the campus police who are responsible for receiving the phone calls then relay the information to paramedics. They transport the students to the emergency care unit at the Klotz Student Health Centre. What’s more is that the speed at which the doctors attend to the patients is impressive. Therefore, some of the emergencies such as head injuries, chest pains, severe headaches, bleeding wounds, and difficulty when breathing can be easily be treated through this service. However, the healthcare providers may refer students to nearby hospitals in cases where the emergencies are beyond what they can handle.

5. Wellness Coaching

Students during practice for wellness One of the most involving of all services is the newly proposed wellness coaching at Klotz Health Promotion. The services are provided freely and every session brings on board a top-notch certified wellness and health coach. What the students have so far loved most about these one-on-one meetings are the discussions therein since it challenges them to take good care of their well-being. The lessons taught include how to remain focused on academics, setting of reasonable wellness goals, overcoming barriers and staying motivated in everything they do.


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