Chemistry in general has the highest fail rate in CSUN. Chemistry professors are doing their best to help students to pass the class. The classes are curved, they offer discussion class and many more to help the students but this is not enough if the students don’t meet the professor in the middle. Here are six tips to help you get an A in your Chemistry 101 class in CSUN.

1. Come To Class


There is no better advice than coming to class. This is the key to every class a student will take. You can miss so much for missing a class so make sure to always come and be on time. If you can’t come to class, make sure that your excuse are valid. Another reason why you should always come to class is because some professor actually counts attendance and participation as a part of your grade. You don’t want to miss that.

2. Read Your Book Ahead and Read It Again After Class

Reading your book ahead is very helpful. This allows you to be ready for the next class and if there are things that you are confused while reading it you can ask your professor during class. Also, this way you won’t be very lost in class. After the class, you should read it again so you can remember the concept very well, so that when your test is coming up you won’t be super lost and can get enough sleep.

3. Don’t Be Shy To Ask Question In Class


You should definitely ask question in class if you don’t get it because there will be no other chance for you to ask this question. If you are really shy, you can ask your professor at the end of the lecture. Just make sure to ask. One thing about asking question is that, this makes your professor remember you and usually other people have the same question as you but are also shy to ask. So by doing this, you don’t just help yourself but also other students.

4. Go To Discussion

Lecturer at Blackboard During College Chemistry Class — Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

Discussion is part of all chemistry class at CSUN. Once you enroll in a lecture, it automatically enroll you on a discussion class. Sometimes discussion are part of your grade as well so make sure to go. Even if it is not part of your grade, you should still go. Why? Because chemistry involve some math problems and this is the perfect time to practice solving them with your professor around to see if you have questions. This is also a perfect time to do your homework and you can ask your professor if you are doing it right or not. If not, they will be very happy to help you.

5. Go To Office Hours


Office hours can sometimes be awkward but that’s only at first. If you keep coming, your professor will get to know you and see that you are interested in the class. This is a great way so you can ask your professor to make you a letter of recommendation in the future but for now you go to office hours to ask question and to get an A in class. It would be very helpful if you come with questions prepared. If you are confused on something make sure that when you go, you know which specifically makes you confuse so it will be easy for both you, the student, and the professor.

6. Make A Group Study


It is necessary to know at least one person in class. This could be a very big help but what’s even better is if you talk to more people so you can study together and help each other. You can compare answers with them if there’s homework and other things that comes up in class.

Hopefully these tips will help you to get an A in Chemistry 101. Just keep studying and motivated and you will get good grades. If this doesn’t help, you just have to know what works for you because each person have a different way approaching each class.



Gyana Cezanne

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