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Four Best Study Spots at CSUN

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Gyana Cezanne
Being a college student requires you to continuously study for your classes. Studies suggest that a student should study two hours for every hour spent in class. This is not very easy for some, because they may have jobs while others need a very specific environment to be able to focus. To help you, here are the best spots to study  at CSUN to study:

1. Duck Pond

If you are someone who loves to spend time with nature, then this is the perfect spot. There are very few people who come here since it is kind of far from everything else in the campus. This distance allows the duck pond to be very quiet. The only sound you'll hear is the water and sometimes the ducks, although they rarely make a noise. If you are worried about where to sit, there are benches  and tables around the pond.

2. 4th Floor Of Oviatt Library

If you are someone who really needs silence when you are studying or if you just need to read a book and focus, this is the place for you. The Oviatt Library's fourth floor is very strict on its silent rule. This is the only place in the library where you won't hear anyone talking because if you do talk,  they will ask you to move to a different floor.

3. Matador Bookstore

If you like to have a group study this is the place for you. You can either go in front of Freudian Sip, first floor or second floor. The tables here are not enough for the amount of students who go here but it is perfect for group study. Especially if it will take long hours of studying. You can freely talk to your friends while studying and if you get hungry you can just go on the first floor for some food.

4. Building 21 Of Student Housing

Building 21 is basically where everything is located by the dorm. This is also known as the "printing center". There are couple of rooms for group study or even just sitting at the table out front by the Freudian Sip is another perfect place for group study.

  Also, if you are staying in the university dorm, you should know that some buildings offer a study room for each floor. They have white boards, tables, couch and even microwave in this room and not a lot of student goes here. This is perfect to use during finals or when you have midterm so you won't get distracted from your roommate. Or even if you want to have a group study with your friends - all of you can come here and do some problems on the board. Hopefully this list of study spots will help you study better and ace all your classes. This will also allow you to have more time to study with less time being wasted due to loss of focus. Keep calm and study hard!


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