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Math class is something that most students don’t look forward to because it is hard and not all students are good at it. In fact, there are probably more students who get confused in math class than people who actually likes and understand the concept. While others get an A on each test theres always a student that’s having a hard time in class but how do you really study for a math test? Here are things you can try to do to study for a Math 102 test:

Start studying few days before the test

Studying few days before your test is the best advice someone can give you. This doesn’t only apply in math classes but in every class you will take. Cramming all the information the night before the test is the worst thing to do. Yes, a lot of students have done this and stayed up all night and still end up acing or passing the class but imagine how much better you’ll feel about your test if you feel fully prepared and have enough sleep.

Answer the practice test without studying the material

Usually, math professor that are teaching any math class lower than Math 105 gives their class a practice test so take advantage to this because after Math 105 you will need a different way to study for your math test.

Start by answering the practice without studying the material at all. This way you will know which ones you need more time to understand and you won’t spend too much time on the ones that you already know.

Study the material you had difficulty

After you answer the practice test without studying, now you know which one is difficult for you. You can start going over your notes and workbook so you can understand how each step is done for that type of problems. To test your understanding, do the same problem from the workbook without looking on each step. This is another way for you to see which step do you get stuck and you can give more attention understanding that step. You can do this on all the problems you had difficulty. Don’t forget to scan through the problems you didn’t had difficulty as well.

Answer the practice test again

Once you feel comfortable with the problems you had difficulty answer the practice problems again. Doing this will allow you whether you actually understand everything you studied. At this point, if there are still problems that you don’t know and can’t figure out put a note on it so you’ll know which one you need help.

Ask your professor or go to tutoring center

After making notes on the problems you don’t understand from the practice test, now is the time for you to ask your professor on how to approach this problem or you can go to the tutoring center.

This is one of the reason why you should study few days before the test. You get the chance to ask your professor in class or in his office hours and if you are really having a hard time in class you have enough time to go in the tutoring center as well.

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This way of studying for Math 102 test is focus heavily on using the practice test. This is not the only way to study of this class but usually the practice test and your test will be very similar to each other. So, knowing the problems from the practice test will help you a lot on the test.


Gyana Cezanne

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