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Let’s be honest, college gives its student a lot of freedom. It is not comparable in high school when it comes to rules and regulation. In high school, you skip class and expect your parents to get a call from the attendance office. In college, skip class a few times and no one cares. Unfortunately, many college students take advantage of this. Hopefully these reasons will help you not skip class.

1. CSUN gives permission to the their professor to drop student out of the class if not present on its first meeting

Classes in CSUN gets filled really fast and it is truly a struggle for sophomore and junior students who does not have priority registration to enroll in classes. Most of them are on the waitlist and are very eager to get in the class. During the first class meeting if the enroll students are not present the professors have the permission to drop them out of the class and enroll some of the students who are on the waitlist and present in class. So, never skip your first class meeting!

2. Student needs to provide valid documents for being absent or attendance/participation will be mark 0 for the day.

If you are planning to skip class make sure you have a valid reason because this might have a big effect on your grade specially for a class that only meets once a week. If you don’t have a valid document to show your professor you will most likely get zero on the things that the class did on the day you were absent. However, if you have a valid document then you’re professor could be nice and give you a make test or whatever they did on the day you were absent. Sometimes they even give you perfect score if you have a valid document on why you were absent.

3. Only good standing student can be absent without valid excuse

“Good Standing” student means students who have 2.0 GPA and higher. These students can miss class few times with no valid excuse but this shouldn’t encourage you to skip class. If you start thinking that it is okay to skip class since you are on a good standing just start thinking about how much money you are paying for that class.

4. Some professor puts in their syllabus that 3 absents or more will give you an F in class

If you are desperately lazy or have conflict with your work schedule and class schedule make sure to read your syllabus. Some professor will state in their syllabus that 2 or 3 absent, depending on the professor, will not affect your grade. Sometimes professor wants an excuse for all absence so read your syllabus. It is an embarrassing way to fail a class just because of missing your classes a few times.

Hopefully these reasons will stop you from skipping class or if you are thinking about skipping class, just stop thinking about it! Be a good student and go to every lecture and ace that class.


Gyana Cezanne

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