There are always different people you will meet in every places you go. The situation is the same in CSUN. It is important to make friends while you are in CSUN since you will be spending 4-5 years there. The list below are 5 types of students you’ll meet in CSUN and hopefully by knowing this, it will be easy for you to gain friend for having similarities.

1. The Nerd

No matter how long you’ve stayed at CSUN. Whether you are freshmen or a senior, you will for sure notice that there  is that one student who always answer the professor’s question. In CSUN, they usually sit in front or if not, they will definitely be staying after class to get the chance to talk to the professor. You’re most likely to meet this type of student in your major classes such as math and sciences.

2. Someone who doesn’t try in class

On the other side, there is that student who does not care about the class. This can happen to any students in CSUN. It doesn’t matter if he/she is a freshman or a senior. Getting tired of the class always happens. There might be someone like this in your GE class since it is easy to pass but the worst is if you meet someone like this in your major class. There is probably a very few of this in the beginning of the semester but towards finals week is where you’ll meet this type of student. If you are friends with them, you should motivate them.

3. Someone who doesn’t put effort in class but still pass

There are also another type of student that you will meet in your class at CSUN. This might not be often because professors at CSUN are very strict when it comes to grading their student but for sure you will meet at least one. Unfortunately, sometimes this type of student is someone who is retaking the class. Since they know how the class work they don’t try and of course who fails the class again for the 2nd time? None.

4. Someone who ask so much questions

Aside from the nerd who’s always having a conversation with the professor there is also that person who ask too much questions. This type of student doesn’t pick any class. Whether is a GE class or a major class at CSUN, there is always this student. In most cases at CSUN, this type of student is either freshmen who are trying to get to used in college or a senior who thinks that this is the best way to get the professor’s attention.

5. Someone who’s always tired

Being a college student comes a lot of responsibility and in other cases the student also works. Whether it is part time or full time job it is very stressful and tiring to be working and taking at 13 units of class. So for sure, you will meet that student who is always tired and just wants to sleep. Luckily, CSUN have an Oasis where students can sleep comfortably.

And there you go, the 5 types of students you will meet at CSUN. There are probably more students with different characteristic as the one listed above but what’s important is for you to make friends and pass your classes while you are at CSUN.


Gyana Cezanne

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