Chemistry chemistry everywhere

Chemistry is fun since almost everything around has an explanation based on chemistry. On the other hand, it could also get confusing since it’s trying to explain many complicated things. In CSUN, there are only few chemistry majors but there are tons of students who still need to take chemistry and not everyone is having an easy time in these classes. To help you, here are some of the best professors at CSUN.

1. Prof. Daniel Tamae

Prof. Tamae will be teaching Chem101 on Spring 2018. He is a very nice professor. He makes his lecture as easy as possible and makes sure everyone understands. He encourage his students to ask questions and go to his office hours.

Prof. Tamae’s test are also very straight forward. During each lecture he would sometimes say “this is something you will see on your test”. You should take note of that because it will be for sure in the test.


2. Prof. Gagik Melikyan

Prof. Melikyan will be teaching Chem333, Chem334, and Chem334R. The classes he’s teaching are hard in general but his notes are crystal clear and he tells you what will be on the test. He might go on each lecture a little bit fast but he knows what he’s talking about.

To get a good grade in his class, just read the book and do homework problems few more times.


3. Prof. Dorothy Nguyen-Graff

Prof. Graff will not be teaching any classes for Spring 2018 but some of the class she would usually teach are Chem100 and Chem101. In her class she has her own workbook where she assigns pages and she expects you to answer it by the set due date. She believes that students need to read the book so she will tell you to read ahead so you can ask her questions on the next lecture.

She also encourage her students to go to tutoring center so she gives points for anyone who goes.

4. Prof. Maosheng Miao

Prof. Miao will be teaching Chem102. Many says that he is the best Chem102 professor you can get. His lectures are very clear and explains problems until everyone understand it. He also makes the class fun by telling some jokes.

He gives online homework, 4 quizzes, 2 midterm and a final.  Class is hard in general and with this professor’s attitude failing the class is the student’s fault.

The classes listed above changes each semester and when enrolling in a chemistry class the professor’s name is not available since few weeks before the class. One thing you can do is to check every time to see if you have a good professor and try to change it if there is another open class with better professor.


Gyana Cezanne

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