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Health and Wellness Resources at CSU San Bernardino

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California State University - San Bernardino is a public university located in San Bernardino, California. The university offers a variety of health and wellness resources to its student population of over 17,000 undergraduates. These resources include those related to physical, mental, and sexual health. Here are five health and wellness resources offered to students attending California State University - San Bernardino that all current and prospective students should be aware of.

1. The California State University - San Bernardino Health Center

The California State University - San Bernardino Health Center is students' first stop for all health concerns on campus (unless they are emergent and require immediate medical attention). The center's goal is to promote good health and wellness among the California State University - San Bernardino to promote students' success in academia and student life, as well as in their own personal lives. Medical services offered include primary care, immunizations, nursing care, and health education. The center is also equipped with an on-site pharmacy and laboratory.

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2. Vision Screening Services

Vision screening is offered at the California State University - San Bernardino Health Center on a quarterly basis. Vision screenings are made possible by the Optometry Department of Western University School of Health Sciences. California State University- San Bernardino students may qualify for free or low- cost vision care, depending on their health insurance plan. 

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3. Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services are available to students at 
California State University- San Bernardino who have mental health concerns and/or feel that they would benefit from therapy. The team at Counseling and Psychological Services aims to promote mental health awareness on and around campus, and to help students get the help they need. All students may use this service, whether they are enrolled full-time or part-time, or are undergraduate or graduate students. Group therapy and individual counseling are available. Students may seek help if they are experiencing concerns such as depression, anxiety, high stress, personal trauma, family conflict, relationship problems, questioning of sexuality or gender identity, adjustment issues, loneliness, grief, loss of a relationship, eating or eating disorder concerns, mood variability, desire for help making an important decision, going through divorce of parents, trouble adjusting to living away from home/parents, and more. 

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4. Family PACT Program

The Family PACT program is a state program that provides confidential clinical services related to family planning for free to eligible California residents.  After enrolling in Family PACT program, students will receive a teal Health Access Program (HAP) card, which can be used at any provider that offers Family PACT in the state of California. Some services offered here include:  birth control counseling and methods, condoms, emergency contraception, and reproductive health screenings.

5. Immunizations

Students at California State University- San Bernardino are required to receive the following immunizations before enrollment: Measles and Rubella and Hepatitis B, which are offered by the California State University- San Bernardino Health Center to those students who have not received them yet. Some incoming students may also choose to have a Meningococal Meningitis vaccination as an extra preventive precaution. Other immunizations offered include Hepatitis A, MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella), Tetanus-booster, and flu shots. 

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