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Jobs for College Students at CSU - San Bernardino

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Shefali Manjunath

CSU San Bernardino is a public university and part of the California State University system. Like many CSUs, students have the options of getting involved on-campus. This includes finding a job and volunteering. Students have many options at the different jobs they can find while attending school. Here are the top part-time jobs for college students at CSU San Bernardino.

1. Orientation Leader

College orientation leaders group photo

Being an orientation leader is an easy and fun job for college students at CSU San Bernardino. Orientation leaders show new freshmen and transfer students how to sign up for classes, create schedules and adjust to the first few days of university life. Students can apply to be an orientation leader by logging onto their MyCoyote portal and applying through Handshake.

2. Peer Health Educator

Symbols to represent different components of health

Another on-campus job students can apply for is to be a peer health educator. Peer health educators educate new students specifically freshmen on ways to be safe around campus when it comes to issues like partying, drugs and drinking. Students can apply for this position through Handshake.

3. Resident Advisor

Students can also apply to be a resident advisor. Resident Advisors are live-in student staff within University Housing who assist and supervise residents. Resident Advisors are also compensated with free room and board. To apply to be a Resident Advisor, students can apply through Handshake.

4. Obershaw Den Assistant

CSUSB Obershaw Den

For students that want to give back to their campus community, they can apply to be a volunteer at the Obershaw Den. The Obershaw Den is a food pantry for needy students. Students can volunteer to help sort and organize food. To apply for this position, students can contact the Obershaw Den immediately.

5. Retail Cashier

Retail cashier at work

Students have many options when working with retail on-campus. Retail places on-campus include the MarketPlace Cafe and bookstore. Tasks include using customer service skills to help customers at checkout and help them look for what they need. Students can apply for this position through Handshake.

6. Library Assistant

Student at the library

Another interesting position is to work as a library assistant. Tasks include shelving returned books, answering questions and helping students at checkout. To apply for this position, students can log onto Handshake.

7. Peer Tutor

Tutor at work helping out a fellow student

For students interested in helping out their peers, they can bee peer tutors. Peer tutors help their fellow peers with homework and any questions they may have about these classes. Most peer tutors tutor in common subjects such as GE classes but can be available for more major-specific classes as well. To apply for this position, students can log onto Handshake.

8. OneClass Note Takers

OneClass Logo

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.


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