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Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Calvin College

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Evelin Mercedes
Consider these clubs and organizations at Calvin College next time you're looking to get more involved on campus! They're all uniquely created and provide a diverse experience to enrich your time as an undergraduate.

1. Board Game Guild

Students in the Board Game Guild club Board Game Guild is a community built for students to enjoy and engage in board and tabletop games while on campus. There's no need to leave campus or play alone at home! The club accepts anyone interested in playing the games they have and it's a chance for people to develop healthy relationships along the way.

2. Calvin Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Club

Calvin Adventure Club's logo

Being one with nature is a satisfying benefit of dorming near a suburban area. The Adventure Club gives you the opportunity to obtain leadership roles while traveling on outdoor trips. Not only will you find new land around campus but you won't be alone while you on any adventure.

3. HR Club

Students interacting with each other at a networking event

Calvin College's HR Club aims to prepare students for a career in Human Resources. They have numerous forums, guest speakers, networking opportunities, and more available for their members. HR club works with other organizations such as the Business and Economics Network to create events, a well-rounded business department, and help each other gain knowledge in the field.

4. Gender Equality Now

Gender Equality Now strives to create a safe space for everyone at Calvin College to join together and fight for gender equality. They try to do this by addressing gender-based injustices and making conversation with people to make a difference.

5. Film Arts Committee

The university committee's logo Making films is pretty cool! If you have a love for films, the Film Arts Committee work together to develop a series of films each year. Their members try to help students understand, appreciate, and evaluate film arts from a Christian perspective.

6. Calvin Chimes

Calvin Chimes reporters reading the newspaper together

Writing for the newspaper is a great way to gain experience in a journalistic environment. Chimes, the official student newspaper of Calvin College, serves the community by reviewing campus occurrences, challenging what everyone believes and creating dialogue within the community. They publish weekly in a print and digital setting.

7. Business & Economics Network

A group sitting together discussing something Business and Economics Network serve their student leaders on campus by forming strong networks with other organizations on campus and preparing them for opportunities in their chosen careers. They typically speak to professionals for insight in the business field and make events on campus.

8. Fish & Hunt Club

Students posing together during a Fish & Hunt Club meeting The Fish and Hunt Club provides a safe and educational environment for students who enjoy fishing or hunting. Club members hold meetings where they learn about hunting and fishing and go on small trips.


Students in the TEDxCalvin organization At Calvin College's TEDxCalvinCollege events, students and faculty members have the opportunity to spark deep discussions and connections with the attending audience. The campus' TED talks are self-organized and members can attend the TED Conference, where people can learn about the TEDx program and individual TEDx events.

10. Sports Management Club

Sports Management's logo

Sports Management Club was created for students interested in working in the sports management field. They aim to develop relationships within the industry and find learning opportunities that can prepare them for a long-lasting career.

Top 5 Events During The School Year At Calvin College 

1. Homecoming

Calvin's official Homecoming logo This Homecoming, Calvin College welcomed back the class of 2008 for their 10-year reunion and the class of 1993 for their 25-year reunion. The university hosted and celebrated their alumni at the annual Maroon and Gold Gala. For everyone who visited the university this weekend, there were tons of fun activities including trivia night, athletic games, an outdoor movie and ending the night with fireworks.

2. Light In The Night

Families trick or treating on campus If you're looking for a safe and enjoyable environment to trick or treat at, Calvin College annually hosts a night just for the kids. This year's annual Light in Night Event at Calvin College features the transformation of their apartment buildings into fun themed adventures for children to trick or treat, play carnival games, and enjoy snacks. The event is free but they do accept donations of one canned good item per family to help donate to a local food bank.

3. Family Weekend

Calvin's official banner for the family weekend Family Weekend is the perfect opportunity for parents to visit their children studying in college. The weekend is filled with activities such as an Improv show, the student showcase, open swim opportunities, and much more to keep everyone busy and spending time with each other.

4. Calvin LifeWork Kickoff

LifeWork's official logo Calvin LifeWork is a program that prepares you for life after college. They help you develop the skills to expand your relationships and what you can do to have overall in whichever industry you choose. At the kickoff, you'll find out more about the program, be able to enroll on the spot and meet the career coaches!

5. Student Showcase

The student showcase flyer

If you enjoy watching other people sing, dance and perform your favorite songs, stop by for the Student Showcase! The night will include many acapella ensembles, a dance marathon, Calvin Improv organization, and more.


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