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Top 10 Dorms at the Calvin College

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Sara Green
The Calvin College provides suitable dorms for efficient studies. In a variety of different accommodations to choose their preferences, we discuss here the top 10 dorms in the institution;

1. Beets-Veenstra

The entrance of Beets-Veennstra Dorm Address: 3275 Knight Way SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4408 Beets is a male dorm, but First Beets used to be women's floor for a couple of years (a unique but workable situation). It's now back to being used by males. The building has a traditional "Yak Day" (no one is quite sure why), and the dorm is one of the two main residence halls on the Knollcrest campus.

2. Boer Bennink

Front view of Boer-Bennink Dorm Address: 3255 Knight Way SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4408 This dorm has two wings with one common lobby. Boer is a male dorm; Bennink is a female dorm. Built and named in 1968 after the college first professor, Geert Boer who became a Professor in 1867. Bennick on his own served as principal, superintendent or teacher at six Christian schools in the Midwest.

3. Bolt Heyns Timmer

Beautiful view of Bolt-Heyns-Timmer Dorm Address: 3200 Knight Way SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4407 Bolt-Heyns-Timmer dorm has three wings with one common lobby. Bolt is a male dorm, Heyns is a female hall, and Timmer divided into four floors. Ground Timmer is the new Wellness floor, 1st and 2nd Timmer are traditional female dorms, and 3rd Timmer is a place reserved for an upper-class community. The lobby connects Bolt and Heyns, with Timmer attached to Heyns

4. Kalsbeek Huizenga Van Reken 

Image showing Kalsbeek-Huizenga-Van-Reken Dorm Address: 3245 Knight Way SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4408 There are three wings within one residence dorm complex. Huizenga is a male dorm, Kalsbeek a female dorm, and van Reken a divided co-ed arm. Each floor is connected with a shared lobby and joined basements.

5. Noordewier Vanderwerp 

Front view of Noordewier Vanderwerp Dorm Address: 3235 Knight Way SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4408 In this dorm, there are two wings with one common lobby. Noordewier is a female dorm; Vander Werp is a male dorm. An "annex" extends the women's floors by four suites. An ATM is in the main lobby. NVW, as it is popularly called; is one of the two original residence halls on the Knollcrest campus.

6. Rooks Van Dellen

The Rooks-Van Dellen Dorm, Calvin College Address: 3220 Knight Way SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4407 It is a two wings dorm with one common lobby. Rooks is a female Dorm while Van Dellen is a male Dorm.

7. Schultze Eldersveld 

Image showing the wings of Schultze-Eldersveld Dorm Address: 3260 Knight Way SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4407 Two wings with one common lobby. Schultze is a male dorm while Eldersveld is a female dorm.

8. Knollcrest East 

The Knollcrest Dorm, Calvin College Address: 3425 Burton St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Knollcrest East (KE) is an on-campus apartment option for approximately 500 junior and senior students. The location of KE allows students to remain connected with the campus while allowing for a unique apartment living experience with peers. KE residents participate in fun traditions as well as weekly events.

9. Fuller 

Wide angle view of Fuller Dorm Address: 1241 Fuller Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 The Fuller House joined Project Neighborhood in 2013 and situated in what used to be the parsonage of Fuller Avenue CRC. The house is adjacent to the well-known Hall Street Bakery and is a short walk away from many of the fantastic restaurants and shops in Eastown. It has space for five students and a mentor family. The big dining room table and cozy fireplace are some beautiful places to hang out with housemates, neighbors, and friends.

10. Koinonia 

Image showing two students walking in front of Koinonia Dorm Address: 1230 Lake Drive SEGrand Rapids, MI 49506 The dorm also has two desktop PCs, a video projector in the basement (for amazing movie watching nights) and a living room with a piano. Because of its size, it is quite easy to host friends and family members overnight. The dorm is located 3.6 miles west of Calvin's campus in Eastown, and it is a comfortable 20-minute bike ride.

Move-In day Packing List at Calvin College

1. Room Basics

Image of a typical brown wooden desk   - Desk supplies - Hangers - Box fan - Mirror - Study/desk lamps - Tables - Pillows - Battery - Flashlight

2. Food and snacks

PLate with carrot, celery, pita and hummus on the side   • Bread • Cheese • Snacks • Granola

3. Tech and Entertainment

Workstation with with laptop ipad two phones and a keyboard
  - Computer/laptop - iPad - Other media devices

4. School Supplies

Set of school supplies including calculator, glue, pens highlighters, scissors, erasers, ruler, protractor and pencils   - Sticky notes - Erasers - Pencils - Calendar - Highlighters

5. Campus gears

 Padlock for lockers   - Coat - Umbrella - Earphones - Jacket - Student ID - Padlocks

6. Cleaning up and organizing

Different cleaning tools in a bucket   - Extra long twin sheets - Pillow and pillowcase - Blanket/comforter - Hand and bath towels - Clothing for warm and cold weather - Laundry basket/bag and detergent

7. Optional Items

A two-door and blue refrigerator   - Bike and bike lock - Outdoor sports equipment - Electric hotpot/coffee pot - Plants - Extension cords/surge protectors - Small refrigerator (four feet tall or smaller) limit one per room - Poster Putty/removable adhesive


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