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10 Hardest Courses at Calvin College

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Elizabeth Mathu

Calvin College is one of the best Christian-based institutions of higher learning in the Midwest. Their stature is backed up by the Regional Colleges Midwest awards which the school topped. Founded in 1876, the school has for the past years excelled at churning out agents of Christ for the world’s renewal. Nevertheless, there are courses that will wrack up anyone’s brains. They aren’t particularly easy as this article will show.

1. ASC 005 - Intermediate Algebra

Picture of algebra textbook on a note pad with pencil at the ready

Algebra is a form of Mathematics that involves quadratic equations, logarithmic functions, polynomials, etc. The course can be complicated, especially when it comes to solving equations. However, it is crucial when preparing students for more complex mathematics.

2. IDIS 340 - Field Work in Archaeology

picture of an archeological site

Archeology is an exciting course. One gets to unearth the earth’s secrets and discover new items that were previously hidden in obscurity. However, it is hardly a walk in the park. You will need to understand various methods of excavation, artifact analysis, site preservation, and generally, understand the significance of the artifacts.

3. ARTH 233 - Medieval Art

Black and white picture of a medieval castle

The Medieval era was an artful period in Western Europe. This course will take students through various art forms prominent at the time and their relationship with different campaigns during the same time. You will have to be informed about the various socio-political elements that dictated the arts and understand the role they played.

4. ARTH 240 - Contemporary Art

An example of a colourful contemporary art painting

This is the study of the origin of visual images that make up contemporary art forms. It is not an old art form as the course will consider the period from the 60s looking at the fall of modernism and the rise of technology. Other issues discussed in the class are race, gender, and cultural identity. To grasp the course, students will be engrossed over various art examples, books alongside lectures.

5. ASTR 212 - Galactic Astronomy and Cosmology

Picture of the sky at night showing stars and galaxies

Galaxies are large and complex.They also contain in them trillions of elements. Students will be required tostudy our galaxy, all of its contentsbefore proceeding to other universes. It is a sizeable task, especially with the numerous components contained in our galaxy, not to mention their complexity.

6. ASTR 384 - Modern Observational Astronomy

A telescope facing a city landscape

Observing the Cosmos is an essential aspect of learning about the same. Students here are required to master techniques surrounding recent observation of space. They will do so using several methods, including spectroscopy, photometry, etc. These aren’t simple techniques and are sure to give students a hard time.

7. BIOL 207 - Medical Microbiology

A simple laboratory microscope

Medical Microbiology centers on the impact of tiny organisms on human health. One will need to grasp the classification, characteristics, genetics, and operations of microorganisms. Doing so will then give pointers as to how they impact human diseases and health matters. Students will undertake two hours’ worth of laboratory work and a further three in class in a week.

8. BIOL 313 - Paleontology

Dinosaur skeleton in showed in a museum

Thisinvolves the study of organisms that were once present on the earth. Students will be required to grasp the methodswhich these specimens were preserved, howto unearth them and understand their fossils. The course doesn’t only focus on a select group of organisms but instead has a broad scope. This course combines both lectures as well as practical work.

9. CHEM 330 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Hexagonal arrangement of a chemical compound

Inorganic chemistry encompasses a broader understanding of chemistry. Learners are exposed to these elements’ bonding, reactivity, periodicity, etc. Students will require time in the lab to see better and understand these elements.

10. CS 372 - Numerical Analysis

Complex mathematical equations in  numerical analysis

The numerical analysis involves complicated equations and functions used to work out mathematical problems. This course comprises of error analysis, especially when it comes to mathematical workings. Students have to contend with complex tasks and long lecture hours to grasp this concept fully.

Finally, Calvin College is a fantastic institution. The courses discussedabove are, however, quite complicated andcan be challenging to ace them. Eitherway, succeeding at them means greatfortune in your academic endeavors.


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