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Top 10 Library Resources at Cambrian College

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Being new to university you may not be knowledgeable in certain areas that you need to be able to do well in your courses. For this reason Cambridge College provides library resources that will benefit the students, so make sure to utilize  them and take it as your advantage.

1. Library hours

clock Being a student, things can get busy around the year with work or other activities that you have to attend to. But here is the best part the library at this campus is open 24/7! Thats right it never closes, something that is very rare to hear among libraries. So make sure to take this to your advantage to go get your school work done.

2. Wireless printing

wifi logo Alot of people at the library at the same time occupying the computers will make it a hard time for you to get a hold of one and start printing your papers. But wireless printing makes it a easy solution for you. Use your own laptop or any devices of your own and connected it to your printing station and start printing!

3. Learning Portal

logo of learning portal For easy access from school to your living room at home there is a learning portal online set up on the schools library website. The purpose of this learning portal is to provide students with a wide variety of open learning resources, tools and learning supports, that is all accessible online.

4. Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms Group study rooms are a place for students to study in groups without causing distractions to other students or them not getting distracted from others. To book a room all you have to do is go on the schools library website, pick the location, category and capacity and your set to book an available spot.

5. Library Staff

Library Staff The library staff at Cambrian college are well educated in all aspects of the library and are more than welcoming to help the students that are having trouble with finding something. Their services are available everyday for a period of time. All you have to do is walk on up to the service desk and ask them your question, there is no appointment needed.

6. Article Databases

online page of databases If your are doing research and are in need of information on your topic there is no need to physicality go to the library their is is an easy way to access some of them online though the article database. They have some of the best research material you can find useful. They are in alphabetical order and have descriptions under each of the articles.

7. Printers

printer The library at the schools campus has printers available for you to print in. Buying ink ourselves can be expensive at times especially being students so take advantage of the printers at the library and use them for the cheap prices. They have black and white printing and also as a bonus they also provide colour.

8. Computer Stations

multiple computers The Cambrian college library has alot of computer stations available for the students to use. The most popular software systems are already downloaded on the computers so if your course uses that particular program than you can get essay access of it on the schools computers located int he library.

9. Contact Information

various Contact symbols The library has a lot contact ways to get in touch with them to answer your questions. Going into the library is not always ideal for students if they live far away from the college so here are some other way to get in contact with the library staff. You can email at, call them at (705) 524-7333 or text them at(705) 996-1104.

10. Silent Study Space

silent study space Some students don't like the loud sounds that other students make while they are study and need some silence to concentrate on their work. This is why the library has a designated silent study space just for those students to work in peace.  

Top 5 Libraries at Cambrian College


1. Cambrian College Library

a girl inside of Cambrian College Library This library is located right in the campus. It is beneficial for  the students to get some work done in between their classes. They have computer stations available you students to use and additional have many resources set in place as mentioned above to help the students.

2. Sudbury Library

Sudbury Library Location: Market Hill Sudbury CO10 2EN This library is located off campus, for the students that live by this location can go get work done at this location than travel all the way to campus. The y have seating are and tables for people to work at. They also have self serve, so if you are taking out books this is a faster  option to use.

3. Sible Hedingham Library

books inside Sible Hedingham Library Location: 169 Swan Street Halstead CO9 3PX If you don't like the libraries that has a big space than this may be a good option for you. This library is a small little area that has a quiet atmosphere. The staff are welcoming and can answer the questions you have about the books they have. Overall a great place to work at.

4. Braintree Library

Braintree Library Location: Fairfield Road Braintree CM7 3YL If you are looking for book and need a hold of a particular book than this library will be very helpful to you. They offer a service where you can reserve any book online to pick up at your local library. How convinient is this for students! So make sure to check this library out when you are in need of books.

5. Kedington Library

Kedington Library Location: Arms Lane Haverhill CB9 7QQ This is a small little library. Anyone is welcome to visit. They have a nice selection of book but it is limited because of the capacity it hold, but you can reserve books online. Not only that but there are available computers that you can use to get your work done. There are some friendly staff that are always ready to answer your questions.  


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