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10 Hardest Classes at Campbellsville University

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Masood Jan
Campbellsville University is a private university in Kentucky, founded by a baptist institution by the name of Russell Creek Academy. As of right now, there are over 4,000 students enrolled with hundred of faculty and has a strict graduation rate based on the rigor of its classes.  Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the top 10 hardest courses this place has to offer!

1. CHE 342 - Organic Chemistry II 3

close up of glassware used in chemistry labsOrganic chemistry presents challenges to any top student. Organic chemistry deals with understanding chemical reactions and synthesis. You’ll learn about different chemical structures, different types of reactions, and an interpretation of quantum theory. Students find this class hard because there is an additional lab component to this class that you must attend each week.

2. ECO 370 - Managerial Economics 3

turned on white tablet computer at globe share graphThis class can be challenging for students because it requires them to apply the economic principles in an attempt to fix society’s daily problems. Understanding data distribution is an important component of economics. Students do this by taking this comprehensive course that covers many different economic principles. Most students who take this course are economics majors.

3. PHY 438 - Electromagnetism – 3

blue electric sparksThe laws of electricity apply everywhere and are an interesting component of our universe. This is one of the tougher physics classes offered here at Campbellsville. Here, students study quantum theory blended with electrostatics and all forces associated with them. This class posts challenging because plenty of content is covered in a relatively small amount of time. Take this class only if you have a strong passion for physics!

4. PSY 312 - Human Cognitive Processes 3

photo of head bust print artworkOh no! Psychology. Psychological behavior is a study of the intersection between the brain and its environment. This definitely requires some brain power as you will get into the detailed readings of why/how the human being behaves the way it does. Many people find this an interesting class as the professor is usually very engaging with the course content, albeit slightly difficult. Take this class and really understand the meaning behind the famous statement “I think therefore I am”!

5. BIO 410 - Cell Biology 3

pink sphere splashed by green liquidThis lecture-based class seeks to develop an understanding of the cell at the molecular level. Understanding cell growth and metastasis is an essential part to detecting cancer in biology. Cellular anatomy and physiology, molecular genetics, and DNA transcription are the basis of this class. Definitely make sure you have the proper prerequisites for this course, as it can be easy to fall behind if you don't know what you're doing in the beginning!

6. BA 450 - Strategic Healthcare Management 3

person using black blood pressure monitor
Healthcare is such a wide, varied topic and can be taken in any direction given the student. This course examines the deleterious effects of chemicals and other elements on our environment and also how healthcare plays a role in all this. The quality of life is determined by both internal and externally evolving populations and we are there to witness it change the most in this era. This may be on the "easier" side of the toughest courses here. Go enroll!

7. MTH 311 - Differential Equations 3

black and white blur book with math equations and explanationsHigher up in mathematics, you delve more into theory and less into algebra. This course really broadens the math major's horizon on mathematical principles. You solve differential equations, work with matrices, and do much more to fulfill one of your many requirements for this major. This is one of the most pivotal classes at Campbellsville!

8. CS 374 - Computer Operating Systems 3

programming code abstract screen of software developerUnderstanding operator systems is a crucial part to recognizing different languages. In this class, students learn different operating systems, which requires proficiency in a few different programming languages. This is one of the hardest classes you can take here an it requires a complex analysis of real-world problems and applications. Nevertheless, you'll find the class useful and practical!

9. RT 422 - Graphic Design IV – Digital Illustration – 3

blue and green paintingGraphic design is usually an aesthetically pleasing form of art and engineering. This course covers an advanced curriculum involving understanding the complexities of multiple types of digital and advanced softwares, focusing heavily on developing several model prototypes in an attempt at understanding mapping. This combines art, engineering, and creativity all in one course.

10. S 530 – Advanced Criminology Theory

blur close up focus gavelAh, justice. Understanding the balance of the judicial system on criminal justice systems is key in the U.S. This course studies the judiciary system and how criminal justice works. More specifically, it deals with the specific mechanisms involving cracking cases on criminals and their work. Although this sounds fun, many students find this more demanding and time-consuming than usual.
So there you have it! The top 10 hardest courses at Campbellsville College. Hopefully you got a good sense of what direction you want to take your academic career in. These classes can be good ways to both warn and inform students about the potential amount of future work and thinking required for these courses. Onward!


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