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10 of the Easiest Courses at CBU

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Aasim Yacub
18 May 2018
6 min read
What if there was a way to get that perfect GPA without having to worry about bothersome assignments with deadlines daunting at you and hard midterms to constantly keep preparing for. Cape Breton University has courses that would help alleviate the stress from the demanding courses and the tight class schedule that might hog up most of your time! These courses could possibly help you make time for yourself and hang out with friends which might be long time overdue.

1. ACCT12: Accounting

The prof for the course is by far the highest ranked prof in the university for the easiest and most interesting course taught. He is known for amazing lectures and the course seems to be successfully completed by almost everyone who takes it. The average for the course seems to be in the mid 80s. "Great prof, straight forward with assignments and will help you if you ask" is what majority of the students have rated him as. This might be the perfect opportunity for you to experiment with introductory accounting without taking the risk. 

2. MGMT4605: Management Strategies

The course seems to be a popular choice for individuals pursuing management studies. It seems to be easy with hardly any readings and minimal assignments. A rater comments, "not very time consuming during the busy semester". The course is designed to help students gain valuable information on business strategies. Want to be the next leading entrepreneur? This might be just the course to help boost your average on that transcript you are working so hard for. 

3. PUBH2104: Canadian Public Health

See yourself working in the medical field and practicing medicine at home or abroad? This is just the perfect course for you, that would not only help develop your interest in the field but also gives you to you an introduction to the technical specialties in the field. "Quizzes every week, very nice and funny. wants you to do well in her course and stay on top of your work.", says a student who completed this course and highly recommends sophomores to take this course. 

4.HIST1101: Introduction to History

Always wondered why study history? This course could potentially have the answers. "Course has an excellent professor.  A very smart individual and very fair with his marking schemes." says a current undergrad CBU student. The course seems to have an average in mid 80's. The course has minimal assignments with weekly readings that hardly take up any time! This course would definitely change your perspective towards history. 

5.POLS100: Introduction to Canadian Politics

See yourself walk up the stairs and be the voice for the mass? Aspire to be a politician? This course is a must take for all political science majors at CBU. The course is perfectly designed with 3 short midterms and the prof is rated as an "extremely easy grader with a class average of 80-85". This course is the best bet for the perfect introduction to political science. 

6.COMM1103: Interpersonal Communication

Want to know more about what shapes our interpersonal communication? Want to be an effective communicator? This course is designed to hone both your skills as well as theoretical knowledge in-turn contributing to your professional image. This could possibly be the course that helps prepare you for that perfect interview. "The prof is very easy with the grades, hardly any effort", says a student who successfully completed the course! 

7.PSYC1103: Introductory Psychology

Want to know what constitutes the fundamentals of our cognition and the structure of the human mind? Take this introductory psychology course! It is extremely popular amongst all the arts students at CBU. "Tests were straight-forward and marked fairly. Read only lecture notes, over-all the class is pretty easy." is a common rating of many of the students enrolled in this course. 

8. FOLK200: Exploring the Different Cultures

Interested in what the various traditions are across the diverse human culture. "The course has an absolutely amazing Prof. Be prepared to laugh until you cry if you take this course. We all knew the topic inside and out by the end of the semester." says a freshman year student currently enrolled in CBU. The course has hardly any assignments and only a very easy final for you to read through the lecture notes once! 

9. ENGL1109: Academic Writing

Aren't that great at writing? Wanna learn more about how to draft that perfect essay for the scholarship, or the perfect job application. This might just be the course for you to take at CBU without really hurting your GPA and minimal effort with the perfectly designed course. There are a few assignments but with long deadlines and no final! 

10. PHIL221: Challenging Ideas

Wondered what is wondering? Ever debated on why we are and where we are? This course might just be the course to help develop your passion for questioning and that too with minimal burden on your shoulders! The course requires completion of short essays and a final. "I was surprised by the interesting debating which happened during this course. His lectures are based off article readings and are very interactive. I had no problem understanding the concepts he taught. Also, For a BSc student this course has a small workload relative to my other courses, a relief." says a current CBU, BSc candidate. Well, what are you waiting for? Start drafting emails to your academic advisors to help you secure the spots into these perfectly structured courses to help reduce the burden and help get you what you want at the end of this term! These courses could possibly help you make it in time for those date nights, or movie hangouts with friends.


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