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10 Cardiff University Library Resources You Need to Know

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5 Nov 2018
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There are many times during your pursuit of a degree where you'll require the services of a library. Whether it be for a module or for just basic studying, the library offers a handful of resources that are essential for all students on the quest for academic success. Such is how it is at Cardiff UniversityIf you’re  currently attending Cardiff University and looking for information regarding the multiple libraries affiliated with the school, and the resources they offer students, then you should read through the following lists of libraries and library resources.

1. Accessibility

Eight different accessibility signs

If you’re someone who requires special services to get around, you can come to any of the libraries here and know that your needs will be attended to. The libraries affiliated with this school take accessibility-related issues very seriously.

2. Copying Stations

Copying station library

Copying things on your own is going to get expensive fast, which means it’s all but required that you use the copiers here. If you copy a lot, there’s a chance the library will expect some kind of minor compensation in return, but this will, in all likelihood, not amount to much.

3. Reliable Staff

A librarian working

A reliable staff is essential in all businesses that employ the use of them, and nowhere is this truer than in a library. The librarians at this library know the ins and outs of everything contained within the building’s walls; therefore, you should never hesitate to ask one for assistance.

4. Study Rooms

An image of a basic study room

Need to get away from friends and roommates to study? Is the regular library space still too noisy? Try renting out a private study room. Booking one isn’t hard: you can do it in person, over the phone, or online.

5. IT Services

Someone fixing a computer

Your computer acting up again? Still having troubling getting on the campus’s wifi? If so, then you need to consult the individuals who operate the IT desks at any of the libraries here; they’re great!

6. Printing Stations

An image of a standard printer

Those long lines in front of the printing station are not a thing here, and this is especially true if you go before noon. The staff is also very attentive when it comes to the printing stations, which means a machine is never down, if one should go down at all, for too long.

7. Expansive Collections

An image of library shelves

What is a library if it’s not filled with books and references? It’s far from a library, of course. At this university’s library and all libraries affiliated with it, an expansive collection of books and references, most of which can be checked out, are what students can expect.

8. Current Publications

These are current publications

Staying up-to-date with news your thing? Want to deepen your perspectives with a plurality of publications? Then you need to spend some time in the libraries here. From U.K. news to U.S. news, these libraries are usually stocked with all the stories and outlooks you need to keep yourself informed.

9. Computers

A quality computer

Don’t own your own laptop? Then come to any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Students who are without their own personal computer never seem to have trouble finding space to work on a computer, even at peak library hours. There are MACs and PCs you can use.

10. Consistent Wifi

A wifi symbol

Need to take a test online for a class? Looking for a place to study where your videos don’t take an unbearable amount of time to load? If so, then you should make it a point to go to one of the several libraries located on campus. The wifi in these buildings is always exceptional regardless of how many people may be inside.

5 Libraries at Cardiff University

1. Law Library

The library's front

This building is a somewhat new addition to school, which means it’s frequently visited by students and faculty alike because of this. If you’re attending at Cardiff, you’ll either find yourself studying here or at the university’s other library. Expect all amenities of a state-of-the-art library.

2. Arts and Social Studies Library

This is the library from the outside Students involved with arts and social studies will spend a lot of time in this library doing research. Expect a great experience each time!

3. Senghennydd Library

Students reading at this library Students studying in the humanities or social sciences will be spending a lot of time in this library for internships and practical experience. This library is also equipped with all the amenities they’ll need to succeed in their fields. References and workspace are usually available.

4. Aberconway Library

Inside Aberconway

This is a main library on campus, which means it’s where the majority of students spend a lot of their studying time. When you walk in this small library, you’ll immediately either love or hate the setting.

5. Brian Cooke Dental Library

The library's exterior

Dental students are the ones who use this library more than anyone else. If you have a project or some kind of assignment that requires the use of technology, then you should reserve a spot here!


Now that you’ve reached the conclusion of this article, there’s a good chance you now have more information about the Cardiff University libraries than you did before. A good library doesn’t have to be modern or state-of-the-art to serve its intended purposes, but students at Cardiff get the best of both worlds: modern libraries equipped with all the amenities and resources necessary for academic success.


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