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10 Coolest Courses at Carleton College

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Killa Kurls

Classes are the time where you obtain a lot of knowledge and you are able to explore different passions. You may even discover some new passions or obsessions before you know it. College is the time of exploration and the time to really find yourself. It's also time to try new things. Below are some of the top coolest courses that you will find at Carleton College!

1. PE 101.00 - Aerobics

A group in an aerobics class

This class is meant to help students develop a healthier and fitter lifestyles. Students will also learn more about dance steps, calisthenic-type movements, and locomotive movements. This class is meant to get your heart racing and your feet moving as you develop strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular muscles!

2. THEA 110.00 Beginning Acting

A look at actors on stage

Who is your favorite actor or actress? What about your favorite movie? This class will teach students about the art of acting, vocal training, and physical training for being on stage. Students will be able to learn more about improvisational skills, basic scenes, and how to work on characterization when it comes to acting.

3. PE 158.01 - Rock Climbing

A person climbing on a rock wall

This class will get you climbing off the walls, quite literally. This class is designed to teach students about the basic movements for rock climbing and the safety precautions that come with it. This includes climbing knots, belaying, moving on command, and developing new skills when it comes to climbing the rock wall.

4. MUSC 150.00 - Piano

A look at piano keys

Taking up a new instrument can be scary but exciting at the same time. Students will allow themselves to indulge in weekly lessons that are designed to help them learn beginning piano. Students will also learn more about sight-reading and learning more about technical developments as well.

5. MUSC 100.00 I Got Rhythm - The Science of Musical Time

Silhouette of a girl singing and playing guitar

In this class, students will learn more about music from around the world and throughout history. Students will learn more about design, the art of musical rhythm, and how music allows us to cope with our daily lives. Students will be able to learn more about how to get in the groove of things in this course!

6. DANC 158.00 - Contemporary Dance Forms I

Dancers that are performing on stage

Students in this class will learn more about dance forms. Students will also learn more about bodily movements, how to develop technique, and strengthening your muscles as a dancer. Students will also learn more about mobility and flexibility when it comes to dancing as well.

7. DANC 115.00 - Cultures of Dance

People that are doing a heritage dance

What is your favorite dance? This class will take students through the different perspectives and cultures of dance. This class will allow students to learn more about cross-cultural dances, performing different cultural dances, and discussing the art of moving.

8. MUSC 136.00 - History of Rock

Homer Simpson with a rock and roll shirt

Are you a rock and roll music fan? This class will teach students about the history of rock music, the development of rock music, and how rock has inspired the world. This class will take students on a journey of transformation through rock and pop styles through videos, audios, and visuals.

9. MUSC 110.00 Theory I - The Materials of Music

Different app icons for music services

Are you a music geek? This class is just for you! This class is meant to teach students about western tonal music, harmonic structures, and syntax. Students will be given listening and composition projects that will help them to develop their techniques as a musician.

10. CAMS 110.00 - Introduction to Cinema and Media Studies

Different covers for popular movies

What's your favorite movie? This class will teach students about the concepts and methods of movie studies. Students will also learn more about viewing as an audience and viewing as a critic. Students will also learn more about the basic terms used in the media.


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