Psychology is the science of behaviour and mind. It is often overlooked as easy and even stereotyped as being inferior to most other sciences. In truth, psychology is an imperatively growing field that the public lacks in understanding. This article discusses certain facts that the Carleton Psychology program help unravel at the first year level.

1. Diversity 

Often, psychology is a subject that students think is only for aspiring psychology therapists, or for those who are looking for an easy degree to pass. At Carleton, students discover that psychology opens doors to various fields of post-graduate study and future work opportunities, such as medicine, law, criminal investigation, forensics, sales, human resources, etc… The Intro Psych classes are packed with a variety of majors, some who join due to interest, and others through degree requirement.


This is Carleton’s research participation opportunity for Intro Psych students to gain real life insight into how psychological research is conducted and groundbreaking conclusions are essentially drawn. It is a unique opportunity that shows students that psychology is just as research driven as other types of science. The best part is that you’ll get rewarded for participation with a credit that counts towards your final  grade!

3. Empirical

Contrary to popular belief, psychology is very hands on. Collecting samples from populations, running through statistics, reviewing data, etc… are all important skills being taught and practiced. Psychology has as many complex and factual aspects to it, just like statistics. It is not mere opinion or thought.

4. All rounded

Psychology is important. It is the unification of many different fields of study and mainly merges parts of philosophy and biology, amongst other subjects. It is a fantastic way of perceiving some topics, such as ethics, which can be rather incomplete without psychological input.

5. Empowering

Psychology gives deep and necessary insights to why we do things, and how one idea of behavior can relate to another. It basically provides strong knowledge and understanding of different aspects of human emotion, and this can make for a powerful tool in approaching teachers, friends, and relationships. It can even allow us to resolve and eliminate minor conflicts and misunderstandings. Furthermore, the fact that psychology deals with the human mind itself makes it unique – as it can even help us completely manipulate our existence.

Overall, taking psychology at Carleton is a great opportunity to explore this diverse subject in its true form. It truly gives the essence of the subject and with a little bit of added interest, can make psychology your favorite subject for the rest of the semester.










Mehak Aziz

19, Psych Major at Carleton U; Ottawa. Live to the fullest in a balanced way to achieve the best in every aspect of life. Food ,Sleep,Friendship,Travel ;Explore.

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