Engineers have been part of our society for decades. At Carleton university, all engineering students must take the course ECOR 1010, which is the fundamental of engineering course briefing us on various aspects of engineering and from various field as it isn’t restricted to a specific program.

Attending Classes:

One of the major reason that the students find ECOR 1010 difficult is due to the failure in attending the classes. Since topics are covered in depth during the lectures students will miss out on many important things. Certain TSE’s lecture does cover a lot of aspects in engineering so missing them is a big mistake. So, attending classes will help on getting higher grades.

Doing the Assignments:

Completing the assignments is another way to gain knowledge and have a brief idea on what to do during examinations. It’s also a perfect opportunity for the students to analyse more about the topic as self-learning is one of the best way to understand chapters of various difficulties. The assignments also gives a hand-on experience or topics such as 3D modelling, statistics and many more. Students can distinguish how an engineer should present their work and all the necessary details required to submit a report.

Getting enough sleep:

Adults needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day for their body and mind to function properly. So studying late nights isn’t an option as classes do happen during morning hours.

Group Study:

One of the best way understand a difficult topic is to do group study. Group study is a perfect opportunity for students to know more about the chapters as the peers from the group can help in many ways since everyone knows something about the topic and combining talents of everyone is a perfect way to learn the topic. Groups can be found or formed in a Facebook group for ECOR 1010 made for students to communicate and organize group study.

Visiting Professors during office hours:

Visiting professors is one of the best way to clear any doubts regarding the chapters and give us tips and tricks to do well in this course. Professor for ECOR at Carleton is a Professional Engineer so opinions from him will be a best thing for a student learning engineering. Furthermore, the professor may even give a summary of the lecture if you’re lucky!

To conclude, various methods can be used to make it through the course. At the end, it’s all up to the student as to how they approach the problems they face during the course and the methods they use to solve it.

Asifur Rahman

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