For a beginner to the universe in philosophy, the thought of this course is a daunting one, like visiting the complex land of the unknown. Thanks to the immense commonplace surrounding this topic  students either take this course out of necessity or in the hopes of it being easy. Regardless here are some thoughts one might have while taking PHIL 1000.

1. Ouch that’s A LOT of reading……


Philosophy is an in depth analysis of literature regarding the topics of humanity and thus the reading can get long  and tedious. However, even with all these obstacles the readings are truly an experience, one that drive you to think about the things around us in many ways possible.

2.This makes No sense at all….

Classical Philosophy is generally written in archaic language and needs translation, which adds additional research. Even apart from that, general concepts in philosophy need a strong imagination and an open minded approach to be able to understand the metaphors and references so often referred to in the texts. For a critical thinker, it is truly an adventure seeking into the depths of thoughts and knowledge.

3. That is so literal but amazing…

Philosophy shows us the importance of acknowledging the obvious, that the truth may not be hard to find or hidden and is sometimes right in front of us, an obvious truth that we generally seem to be oblivious to.

4.The dreaded tests…

Not only is this course super interesting but it is very easy to study for too. The questions are fairly straightforward and easy to score however if one doesn’t understand the content, it can be a bit of an uphill battle. Nonetheless, the tests will not make you regret taking this course for sure.

5.Its all about enjoying the content…

Philosophy, much like any other thing, is a course that one needs to enjoy to truly do well in. Passion really does drive this course to be fulfilled and anyone who is into the content and needs an elective will surely like these classes and course.


Philosophy is vast, deep and utterly insightful. It gives us a whole new perspective on how we think, feel and even how we should lead a rational and compiled life. The course gives an appetizer platter for the three main types of philosophy. For anyone who is curious about life and rational thinking as we know and experience it really need to take this course. It is condensed but truly gives an amazing taste of what it really is like to study and understand philosophy.






Mehak Aziz

19, Psych Major at Carleton U; Ottawa. Live to the fullest in a balanced way to achieve the best in every aspect of life. Food ,Sleep,Friendship,Travel ;Explore.

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