World would never be the same without physics as they play a major role in our daily life activities. From driving to going down the stairs or even using elevators require fundamental knowledge of physics. So here are fun facts about physics at Carleton University.

1. Dealing with real life problems

Physics at Carleton not only focuses on theoretical aspects of physics but also relates it as to how it is used in real life. Professors tend to use real life scenarios to help the students to solve them using the theoretical knowledge they’ve gained from the classes.

2. Hands on experience

Apart from lectures students also must attend lab classes which is a perfect opportunity as to how to do the experiments and produce professional reports which will be required for their respective fields.

3. Big Machines used to do research

Functioning machines are used to do research at Carleton so for all the students can use them in later years to know how it’s done professionally  as they’ll get hands on experience on actual machine and equipment to do big researches.

4. Many choices!

Physics is a vast subject to study on as the topics ranges from space to earth’s core to medical physics and many more! Possibilities are endless so at Carleton we can explore the various fields and see which field is perfect for us.

To sum up with, Physics is a vast field with lots of opportunities. Studying it and doing research won’t just cause an impact on the scientific community but also to the world as physics plays a major role in shaping the world as it is.


Asifur Rahman

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